The Infinite Wisdom of Our Leaders

I’ve never professed to being politically aware, nor do i want to be too politically aware (that would just disgust me), but I can’t help but notice some of the seemingly blatant acts of idiocy that are happening in this state and country. Excuse me while I rant, and do tell me if and where I am wrong:

Corzine: After reading a few articles about his toll-hike plan, I can’t help but wonder which lunatic(s) is guiding his thought or if he’s being so economically Communist of his own volition. I came across this example (with a few modifications) in the newspaper a few days ago on just why this plan SUCKS.
Imagine two cars at the tolls into NY. One of the cars is a fuel-efficient hybrid with two people in it carpooling. The other car is a monstrous Hummer with a single passenger. One of them uses twice as much fuel, emits twice the amount of pollutants, and causes twice the amount of pavement wear that our taxes will have to remedy. Both pay the same toll.
Now that hardly seems fair. Why not tax more on something like gas? That’s something that would actually encourage people to make smarter choices. Instead of applying the same fees across the board (COMMIE!), apply them based on peoples choices.
Oh, and WHY?! 30 Mil for a stadium when NJ is hemorrhaging money from nearly every office? How about 30 Mil for luring better teachers and more security technology into troubled cities like Newark? Or even better, 30 mil directly to Rutgers so they don’t need to cut so many sports and classes!

George “Dubya” Bush: I don’t know if it’s the fact that he’s on his way out, or because he’s just getting old, that makes him think his plans are working, but he’s a walking storm of contradictions. Take his ethanol plans for energy independence into consideration.
You may think that biofuels hold much promise for the environment and economy, right? I did too, at one point. I was caught up in the rhetoric, after coming out of middle school having done a report on alternative fuels. Same with my brother. Thee was one time, about half a year ago that we were at a dinner party and the topic came up. My brother chimed in on how his science teachers all taught him that biofuels were so much better. An old woman sitting next to him said, “I’m not so sure it’s a good idea. I mean you’re using food to make fuel. There are so many hungry people in the world, why are we doing this when it would just make the problem worse?” I was rather dubious of her theory. I thought biofuels were good and would be able to calm the energy crisis…. until this:
A few months ago, there was a newspaper article talking about how pizzerias were under increased financial strain. Why? Grain going to ethanol production meant that livestock feed prices increased meant milk prices increased meant higher cheese costs.
Now, a few days ago, I see a front page article in the Star Ledger talking about how food prices have all increased 4-11% across the board placing strain on low-income families. Coincidence? No. The fact is, if all the U.S.’s corn, grain, soybean, etc were converted to biofuels, we still wouldn’t be able to power a quarter of the country. It’s not happening.
Furthermore, Bush (being the brilliant planner that he is) has failed to realize that fuels that are “less bad” are still “no good” (My Ecocinema friends can laugh at that.). Burning fuels is burning fuel, you will still produce pollutants and greenhouse gasses (except for hydrogen). Ethanol isn’t an alternative fuel, it’s a bandage on a gaping wound. The future doesn’t hold highways of ethanol-powered vehicles, it holds hybrids and fuel cells and electric vehicles (or some other “real” alternative fuel vehicle).*
Thanks, Bush, for F’ing up the agricultural community with subsidies, promises of jobs, and visions of a corny CO2 filling the skies.

If you’re read this far, I congratulate you and open the proverbial floor to comments…

*Update: I forgot to mention that the amount of energy-rich chemicals used in agriculture are astounding. They’re in fertilizers, fuel, etc etc. By the time corn, or even ethanol arrives at your home, you’ve already already contributed significantly to global warming. WITHOUT HAVING EVEN TURNED THE IGNITION ON YOUR CAR! Is that a good use of corn?

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