Kemistreeeee Stinks

It’s time again for another post on my life again, so brace yourself, children. Today’s story will be about Chemistry.

Let me begin with a bit of background:
I had initially signed up for Honors Chemistry with the intent of taking an enjoyable course under the guidance of a one Professor Dumas. Granted, his teaching style was far more laid back, I soon found, but he was well liked in the way people think of cute grandparents.
Unfortunately, he was unfortunate enough to have been bestowed a brain tumor and put on leave for the remainder of the semester as he recovered. We had two substitute teachers, Hunt and Hirsch, both were quite knowledgeable and I thought them fitting replacements. As Murphy would have it though, they were reassigned, and we were left with Strelau and Hussain. (BTW, Hussain missed 2 labs, so Tuesday lab’s actually had 6 different professors so far.) The curriculum has been shoddy and overlapping, as no one is quite sure where the other left off. Lectures now are also superficial and we are told to refer to the book for whatever is neglected in class.

Today we had a test, the first one that was actually made by our administering professor. From the reports of students that asked him questions about problems on it, he gave conflicting responses to each student. On top of that, a problem type we were explicitly told would not be on the test was, you guessed it, on the test. By the way, this isn’t all that different from the last test.

Now, for the lab chronicles. I’ve had several revelations so far.
a) Manzoor Hussain wants lab work done in pen. It is the mark of a “real” scientist who can work with confidence he says. It is of my opinion that Manzoor Hussain never studied math from an American education institution, because that goes against the core virtue of every math teacher I know.
b) Manzoor Hussain is a stickler for prettiness. No, that does not mean he particularly enjoys dressing fashionably. He just insists on things like cover pages. I was told to resubmit one of my lab write-ups because no cover page was included.
c) Manzoor Hussain is The Anti-Engineering. Everything I’ve done in engineering thus far has been in groups. In fact, it is encouraged that we collaborate. In chemistry, however, despite the fact that we do lab work in pairs, the out-of-class portion of the work is strictly individual. I’m sorry, but I was always of the opinion that two heads are better than one. Especially when trying to answer difficult questions. And God forbid you print out a copy of a data graph and share it with someone, you are cheating.

Given this horrendous turn of Chemistry events, I regret that I can no longer contemplate my grade in that class seriously, nor can I endeavour to work to the best of my ability. I am in a mockery of a curriculum. I think I’ll minor in physics instead of chemistry…

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