Generic Entry # [I forget…]

So for lack of a better use for this blog, I guess I’ll just use it like any other personal blog. Apologies to you Facebook stalkers who will see this as a pointless note. Now, without further ado, let’s recap the past two weeks or so.

Monday, May 26, Memorial Day: What was today? Oh, right. My second real horrifying immersion in Michelle’s household.Cold water + pool volleyball + her parental units… well I survived, didn’t I? 🙂
Tuesday 27: First day of work. After much paperwork processing and waiting around, I get to my cubicle 2 hours late. Much sitting around doing nothing much in particular.
Wednesday – Friday: Repeat of day 1 minus the initial paperwork and waiting. No Internet access yet.
Weekend: Nothing at all out of the ordinary. Same, boring routine as usual.
Monday, June 2: Internet finally reaches my cubicle.
Tuesday 3: I get tasked with a menial Internet trawling assignment.
Wednesday – Friday: More of the same. But it has quickly become apparent to me that other countries don’t want to make my job of information hunting any easier. Little progress made in my assignment(s). I tire quickly of sitting at a desk. I didn’t exactly have this in mind when I chose engineering as my major… And where’s my paycheck?
Saturday 7: Touching base with reality once more, after two mind-numbing weeks of work. This reminded me quite acutely of how much I miss being around people, and one person in particular (no need to get sappy now). Pool insanity FTW!
Sunday 8: OMG, I sooo did not want to set foot outside my door. It was an OVEN outside! And I don’t want to go back to workkkkkkkkk!!!

Future: Only another week and a half of work before Alaska!

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