The Dark Knight – Soundtrack Impressions

Seeing as I’m at work, and the movie’s going to be released in a few days, I figured that I might as well waste a blog entry about my thoughts on the score for the upcoming release.
Credited to Zimmer and Howard (if you don’t know who they are, ask Brett), the soundtrack to The Dark Knight seems a rehash of the original score from Batman Begins, but hey, isn’t that what they did with Pirates of the Caribbean? I recognize a lot of clips from various old tracks melded together, usually for the better, but sometimes seeming out of place when you listen to it only for the music. I can only assume it was done to match the action in a particular scene.
Thematically, it’s almost identical, with a few tracks standing out in honor of the Joker. It’s still very brass and percussion heavy, with a layering of strings. I think I might have caught an electric guitar thrown in for a moment, and a flute to add to various emotional settings. A spot here or there briefly brings to mind Ironman or Transformers, but the music quickly retreats back into its dark little niche in the soundtrack world.
I do have to mourn the lack of a particularly long, intense track though. It was something I couldn’t really find in the first and still something I can’t find now. The vast majority of the action tracks in this album involve breathtaking crescendos followed by precipitous plummets back into low, ominous tones (which are still worth listening to, but if you turn up the volume, you risk blowing out your eardrums on the next orchestral orgasm). I suppose that in a theater, these auditory disappointments would be filled by cinematic glory. But alas, there is no single track that screams “kick-ass” all the way through.

So yea. That’s enough time-wasting here.

Best one I can find (“Introduce a Little Anarchy”):

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