Facepalm of the Week

I haven’t touched this blog in awhile, and since Circuits homework isn’t all that appealing, I guess that means it’s time to make a post. Today’s pointless complaints will be… well… pointless, but I just feel the need to comment somehow about society… and unintentionally, in hindsight, about womens tastes.

Yesterday, I was dragged shoe-shopping. If there’s any facet of shopping that raises an eyebrow for me, it’s shoes. Shirts that don’t cover enough, pants that drag on the floor, those I can kind of understand. But shaped pieces of leather that try to be more than practical, but fashion statements, are the strangest idea ever. And really, from my cultural history, I ought to at least not be so shocked (foot-binding and all), but it really is puzzling. Designers have this obsession with silly styles.

Unnatural tapers are one. Feet aren’t the prettiest things in the world. Trying to make them look like spades isn’t going to improve their aesthetics. The only reason I can see for making shoes pointy is to make kicks more painful. Thus, it can only be concluded that pointy-toed shoes are self-defense weapons to protect against theft and rape.

Then there are things that try to be a fad, but fail. And not only do they look ugly, but they’re not all that practical either. Take for example Crocs, they really are ugly… I hadn’t noticed before, but now I truly understand. They are my new golden standard for bulkiness and a nightmare from an efficiency standpoint. So much plastic for so little function… *shudder* I’ll stick with $2 sandals from Chinatown tyvm.

And lastly, this was more of a study/observation, I tried finding a correlation between material used and price. In my infinite cynicism, I had postulated that the less material that went into a shoe, the more it would cost. I cruised an aisle, getting a feel for pricing and shoe styles but the evidence wasn’t strong. There was no support for my hypothesis, but I did find a different correlation. Womens balance in shoes is inversely proportional to their price (heels, narrow bottoms, etc). It was an amusing conclusion, I thought, that designers made more money by making women trip more…

But I suppose my views are abnormal, seeing as these companies are still in business somehow. So just ignore me and my heretical views…

An on a completely unrelated note, since Marty’s was closing out, they had like everything on a 50% discount. But then they had a price chart for what things cost after a 50% reduction in price… I stared at it for awhile in shock. The chart went all the way from like $1 to $150. It was the dumbest thing ever, in my humble opinion. Someone who can’t divide by two doesn’t deserve to take advantage of cheap shoes. This is why America is like dead last in education… -_-

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