Politics or Circuits: Taking a Stand Against Socialism

When faced with that daunting question, and a pile of homework, the question must be asked. Which is more interesting? I think that will be quite obvious.

I stumbled upon a CNN article a little while ago, and it’s helping me choose a side. I’ve been generally raised conservative, and I’ve never really fully understood it. It’s kind of like faith, where many people are born into it and accept it, except here, I never truly embraced politics like my parents. It’s like one of my supervisors at work told me, “my kids won’t listen to me, but if I tell you, I might have a bigger effect.”

The article I came across was:

In case you don’t want to read the article for yourself, let me summarize as briefly as I can: We have “Joe the Plumber” who is taking control of a growing small business. Under Obama’s tax plan, however, he runs the risk of hitting a higher tax bracket (above $227,000) and will therefore have his income hacked to the point where he might as well just make under $227,000. (granted, he isn’t a “typical” plumber, but plenty of other people share his situation)

Obama’s take on all this is that while Joe the Plumber will lose money in the short term, it will be more than made up for by the fact that the lower income people will have more money to spend, and thus he will eventually benefit in the long run. It’s like reverse Trickle-Down economics.

I know some of you hate rich people, and I don’t plan on being in that higher tax bracket when I graduate, but you have to ask yourself: is it fair to stick them with an exponentially higher tax? We live in America and we’ve always assumed that gain is directly proportional to work, and sometimes luck. In this case, “Joe’s” profit is being essentially capped. Let me put this in terms you (presumably my peers, and also students) can understand. Obama is going to stick the economy with a No Child Left Behind Plan. Now that just doesn’t seem like change we should believe in. And it’s not like you won’t save money anyways, it’s not like McCain isn’t going to cut taxes for lower income people anyways, it’s just not as much. But it’s for you to decide whether or not instant financial gratification is worth the overall Socialistic oppression.

I know that this alone isn’t merit to elect McCain + Palin Puppet Pal, but it should make you think twice, and look more closely at the “Change” that Obama is touting.

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