I can now say I’m a victim of DRM…

“I’ve installed Red Alert 3 only on two PCs. However, because I’ve reinstalled Windows on both computers multiple times (and even installed the game on two different partitions of the same computer) the game is telling me that I’ve reached my license limit. I never thought to “De-Authorize” the game before I formatted my computer(s) each time because I’d never come across such obnoxious DRM in a game before. Is there any way I can have my license limit reset? Because if you keep *any* sort of logs, you can tell that this game has only been used from one IP address at a time so it’s not like you’re license limit stopped pirating at all or anything…

Frustrated, Legit Customer”


Thank you for contacting EA games support.

Please be informed that, I have increased your license limit. You should be able to install/activate your game one more time. I would suggest that you first verify that the system meets the game’s minimum requirements before trying to launch it once again.”

It should be noted that I have two computers that require an installation of the game, and none of the previous installations exist anymore.
This is why a limit of installing games “5 times” and approving more installs on a “case by case basis” sucks (and is stupid). And why I now wholeheartedly sympathize with the pirating scene…

It should be noted that I do approve of management systems like iTunes, the latter of which lets you manually reset your authorizations in the case of copy-protected music (even though it’s now also DRM-free).

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