My Summer Bucket List

By the end of Summer ’09:
1) Go Paintballing. This MUST happen. Otherwise heads will roll, and cleaving heads from shoulders just isn’t the same as engaging your target out at 30 yards.

2) Bowl something higher than a 200. Heck, an even 200 would be fine 🙂

3) Gain 6 lbs. Muscle or fat, it makes no difference to me, so long as my pant size stays ~30 :D.

4) Exercise at least every other day… maybe run. (loosely related to 3)

5) Smear my glorious victory in Michelle’s face. (definitely related to 3)

6) Improve my archery, so that I can hold my own against Trench.

By the end of College:
7) Shoot a gun. Small-caliber is fine. Anything bolt-action, not so much.

Before 30:
8) Fly a plane. Like one of those combat simulation gigs. Skydiving is a close second.

9) Get a pet and name him/her “Creature.”

And… I’m not thinking past then right now. *done being bored*

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