WordPress on the TCNJ Webspace

This was going to happen at some point: me explaining how it is I got WordPress running on my TCNJ personal page. So here’s how it went down, as concisely as I can make it.

WordPress requires two basic components to run: PHPz and MySQL. PHP is a webpage development script that generates everything you see. MySQL is the database that stores what PHP regurgitates into your browser (like posts, name of your blog, etc). TCNJ has the capabilities to run PHP, but does not have a MySQL database solution. They’re supposedly working on it, but a) that’ll take time, b) it won’t be for the masses. Yes, I know that last point sucks.

The solution requires using a “Remote” MySQL database, hosted by someone that isn’t TCNJ. I got mine from http://www.freemysql.net/v2/, but anything that works is kosher. Once I made a database and had its URL, I could plug it into my WordPress “wp-config.ini” file. I pasted the location of my database into the line: “define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);,” replacing ‘localhost’ with ‘[…].FREEMYSQL.NET’.

The remainder of the installation was about as typical as could be. If you have nothing to lose, and half an hour of free time, I highly suggest giving it a try. Having a content management system like WordPress makes it A LOT easier to update your site with new posts. I don’t know why TCNJ is lacking in this regard… Maybe so the IMM kids are forced to code from scratch *shrug*

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