Grizzly Man: A Movie Review

This is one of my movie responses from my FSP, freshman year. I was rather amused by what I wrote for a class, that would be seen by my teacher… :

Behind a Jane Goodall-like facade, Grizzly Man felt more like a biography that should be titled “Treadwell: Fanatic or Freak.” Though I was honestly touched by his concern for animals (and the adorable foxes), Treadwell possessed a sort of adult arrogance combined with a childish enthusiasm that I found reminiscent of a mental disorder.

The film itself focused a lot more on Treadwell’s personal life than it should have advancing the cause of the grizzly bears.As I stated above, it felt more like a biography than a documentary.

Another thing that piqued my interest was T~’s* repeated use of the phrase “I’m… protecting these bears.” I was always left wondering “what did you actually do to protect them, aside from harass some fisherman?” In this way, the film turned into a sort of cynical joke for me.

Cinematographically (i think i butchered a few words…) , I felt the editors lingered a bit too long on a bunch of scenes. I mean, come on, you want us to stare at that autopsy guy staring back at the camera for a good ten seconds? Or watch T~’s girlfriend torn by sadness as the camera zooms out? Honestly… learn to edit. Oh and I think the film would have had a greater effect if the narrator didn’t have such an accent.

Overall, I don’t think Grizzly Man had as profound an effect on me as An Inconvenient Truth. Plus, I think T~ began to lose credibility after his “well, **** you, park service, you ****ing ****ers. **** you” rant.

And apparently it got an A- from critics on Yahoo! Movies?… wtf… overrated…

This guy was like the PG-13 version of Steve Irwin: Crocodile Hunter… on drugs.

*T~ = Treadwell… I got lazy typing it out.

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