Poor-Man’s Desktop Extender

Problem: My available desk space is abysmal, taken up by a printer, speakers, lamp, laptop, and monitor.
Solution: Turn a drawer into an extension of my desk.
Completion Time: ~1 hr (includes waiting time for glue to dry)
Improvements for Next Time: Make the lid segmented so I don’t need to completely open the drawer to access its contents.
Cost: Negligible

It’s a simple, and crude design that gives me an extra 1 1/2 sq. ft of space to work with, enough for a book. Most of the time involved in this project is waiting for the pieces of cardboard i glued together to dry, the “desk top” is two layers of cardboard glued together, with more strips underneath for added support. It holds 20 lbs without a problem. Features a duct-tape hinge.

2 thoughts on “Poor-Man’s Desktop Extender

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