Sick and Tired of Eickhoff-Sodexo Shenanigans

I have seen my fair share of Eickhoff-Sodexo nonsense. Some of it is amusing (cookies are zero calories? awesome) and some of it is disturbing (you gave someone a piece of chicken that was touching raw chicken??? O_o;;). But of everything they could screw up, ex. failing to have a decent *and* appealing variety of food all the time, or making the traffic congestion worse (salad bars, deli lines, and tray return *thing*), today was the most obnoxious, frustrating thing I have seen.

This was the line outside of Eickhoff at 7:35 in the morning. There were more people behind me. Some of the people here (like me) had 8 AM finals to get to. But because the dining hall opens at 7:30, and (no offense to Larry, he was doing his best) only one person was swiping, I sat down with only 10 minutes (if that) to shovel food down my throat before running off to take an exam. This, in my opinion, is simply dumb (a different four-letter word eludes me at the moment).

Why can’t they open half an hour earlier for finals week??? Even 10 minutes would be better than this garbage. They don’t even have to make the food better, they just need to serve students and their needs better. *Angry at School & Sodexo*

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