Crash Test – Seems to be worth a shot.

It’s been my opinion that my TV lineup’s been getting a bit stale. My bread and butter of Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs have been solid, but there’s been little new to add to it. There was a flicker of hope with the pilot episodes of Smash Labs, but that quickly died. And I haven’t been remotely interested in the pseudo-reality shows on Discovery about logging and crab fishing. I am occasionally intrigued by Time Warp, however. But besides those, I’ve been largely disappointed by new residents to the TV lineup.

There may be hope, however. It has been brought to my attention that Spike (that interesting channel that’s brought us such shows as Manswers) is running a pilot of a series called Crash Test. The premise is summed up in the trailer below.

I’ll be honest on two counts. Firstly, I don’t like blatant advertising (part of the reason why most of my shirts lack big names emblazoned on the front). But that brings me to my second point. I wouldn’t be saying any of this unless I thought the show had a chance. From what I gather, this show will be more like Mythbusters than Smash Labs and that means a lot. It means less pseudo-engineering and more focusing on a problem at hand. I may well pull out my TV Tuner so I can watch or record it (depending on my schedule).
The show airs April 27th at 11:00 PM, so if any of you feel like critiqueing it with me, knock yourselves out.

The show was directed and produced by Tim Prokop, the same guy who made Deadliest Warrior Season 1, and is brought to you by Reveille Studios, who also produce The Office and Biggest Loser… so these guys are legit.

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