Small things at TCNJ that bug me, just a little. Part 1.


I remember when revolving doors were installed in Brower. They were touted as eco-friendly for saving on the electric bill, and heating bill. And although they’re overall slower than regular doors, they largely hit the targets they set out to hit. What I don’t understand is why TCNJ has double doors on campus that are locked on the non-handicap side, and open on the handicap side (Kendall and the Science Complex for examples). All this does is encourage people to hit the button to open the handicap door. It wouldn’t be so bad if handicap-friendly doors opened just as easily as their un-mechanized counterparts, but they aren’t. They feel like they’re submerged in molasses half the time. It undoes any gains in saving energy made in Brower several-fold. Why can’t:

  • building staff unlock both doors
  • engineers invent handicap accessible doors that don’t slow you down if you choose to open them by hand.


TCNJ invests an exorbitant amount of time and money into maintaining the grounds on campus. And with good reason, TCNJ is beautiful. But what I don’t get is why service vehicles constantly have to cut corners when driving on sidewalks. All they do is leave giant ruts in the ground and smush grass. Why do we need antique pickup trucks roaming around campus? They don’t haul 2-ton boulders, and are definitely NOT very eco-friendly. Why don’t we have more of those smaller grounds-maintainence trucks/carts?

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