TCNJ Bookstore Gets Friendlier

This is the second thing they have fixed at TCNJ that has consistently annoyed me (the first being:Eickhoff-Sodexo Shenanigans). The TCNJ Bookstore has finally started posting the ISBN numbers of their textbooks, so it’s pretty much impossible to screw up if you’re trying to buy your textbooks elsewhere, like Amazon. There is now no legitimate excuse NOT to buy your books elsewhere. The cost of my books this semester was $650 from TCNJ, $360 from Amazon. The savings could buy me that higher-end iPod Touch I’ve always been wanting…

3 thoughts on “TCNJ Bookstore Gets Friendlier

  1. Winston,
    My son is also a student at TCNJ and I have been searching for books online using the info provided by the bookstore. I’ve had some luck on ebay and other sites. Often the book list does not provide a complete title and some of the book seem to be “custom” . Any tips on how and where to find books at good prices with the limited info provided? Thank you.

  2. Usually, your best bet for being absolutely sure you’re buying the correct book is to search by the ISBN number the TCNJ bookstore may include. Amazon will accept the number as a search term, might. I’m not sure, since it’s 13 digits intead of the older 10 digit version.
    One of the things I used to do if they didn’t give me the number was to go to the publisher’s site. They will list all the books they’ve printed, ISBN number included, so you can just match it up with the information provided by the bookstore. Then you can go search other retail site with a bit more confidence.
    Unfortunately, if your classes require a “package” you may not find that exact match in a store outside of the TCNJ Bookstore. I’ve seen this before with certain science classes, which require a code to access online content. If you had a bit more time before the semester started it wouldn’t hurt to email the professor of the class and ask if they do require the online content. I had several professors who didn’t care for the online, electronic stuff, so i could just buy any regular version of the book. Also, “packages” that are just “w/ CD” might still be obtainable online.

    Hope that helps. Happy hunting.

  3. Winston!!!! I was searching for the tcnj bookstore website when ur website came up in the search engine!!!! You help people?! look at that parent asking you for advice! You are so cute! Super Nerd 🙂 much love friend!

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