Things to Fix at TCNJ: Crowding Edition

As the name implies, I’ve come up with new/old things at TCNJ that (still) need fixing. If I sound egregiously repetitive, it’s because I’m trying to get this all out before I start my Heat Transfer program to solve for 2-D temperature distributions. Here are my complaints for Fall 2010:

1) Bike Racks – Dear TCNJ, your enrollment numbers are increasing. Would it be a stretch to assume that a smattering of bike racks around campus may not be able to accomodate all of the students who wish to use bikes? Here are some places you should strongly consider fixing.

  • Library-Alumni Grove: It’s literally overflowing with bikes around lunch time. Adding to the congestion is the fact that one of the bike racks in front of the library is nearly torn out of the ground, rendering it useless.
  • Armstrong: We engineers live here. It’s not too much of a stretch to expect LOTS of us to come and go from here, especially on bikes. We tend to overflow out of the 4 to 6 spots you allocate us and into the science complex. That arch between Chemistry and Physics? Yea, that kind of belongs to us now.
  • Apartments: Okay. Seriously now. Hundreds of upperclassmen, and 2 bike racks per building. The math doesn’t quite work out. Maybe that’s why you have bikes tied to trash cans and benches. It’s unsightly, it crowds the front door.

2) Eickhoff Atrium (“Eat-trium”) – Dear Sodexo, we all know you’ve made great efforts to rennovate the dining area. And it looks great. But despite all of your fancy research and construction, you fail to understand the concept of time-dependant ‘flux’. Aka: There are certain times where people tend to come at higher rates than usual, namely: 9:30 AM & dinner time. You build TWO cash registers/swipe machines at each entrance, but in the morning especially, you make Larry handle the sudden influx of a hundred students all by himself. Would it kill you to get a supervisor or something helping him, even for 15 minutes? Some of us have 10 AM classes. I have them 4 days a week.

Winston Moy

P.S. @TCNJ: Why do you insist on convoluting file names in SOCS? I use my laptop heavily in class. I download a lot of attachments to save on my computer. I HATE going through each one to remove the “…-01827401.doc” you append to every single file

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