For Those Taking GRE’s

Because I took it in September already and I know some of you are taking it now-ish.

  • Know some schools you would like to send scores to BEFORE you go in. ETS lets you send scores to 5 institutions for free as long as you choose them at the test. Once you leave, you’re stuck shelling out $23 per school afterwards. It’s a bit of highway robbery, but what can you do. You can’t get along without those scores…
  • The GRE website has a list of several hundred real essay topics as samples. Your essay at the exam will likely be from that list. They also give you a demo version of the test taking software, so you can raise your spirits by observing how their interface seems to pre-date Windows 2000. There are sample questions on there as well, which I can attest take the same form as those on the exam. Use them as a benchmark to gauge how much you need to study.

And with those two tips, good luck, folks.

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