Final Approach

As an update to those rare Facebookers who haven’t hidden my posts yet, I’ve taken the liberty of removing my DeviantArt RSS feed from showing up on Facebook. This should clear things up and direct your attention to either my portfolio, or my facebook albums. No more redundant clutter. Now on with the show.

Frozen in Time
Device Model/Make: Pentax K20D
Lens: Tamron 18-200mm, f/3.5-6.3
Focal Length: 200mm
F number: 6.7
Shutter: 1/250s
ISO: 800

This picture almost breaks a rule of thumb with lenses, shutter speed should be faster than 1/[focal length]. The only reason it makes the cut is because I cranked up the ISO to somewhere I don’t typically like to go when I’m outdoors. I got this shot walking back to the car after checking out a mud pot at Yellowstone. There was a small field of flowers and my mom was napping in the car so I could take my time. I noticed a lot of insect activity and decided I felt safe enough to approach the bees. I maxed out the zoom of my lens and waited. Bees tend to hop from flower to flower in reasonable proximity, so I set my sights on a flower in the path of a preoccupied bee. It took a few guesses, but I finally got a shot that wasn’t just a random bee passing through the field of view. No tripod, no laser-triggered flash. Just natural lighting and some good timing.

Note: Bee’s don’t typically sting you. But if you sit around, the mosquitoes will get you instead.

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