Frozen in Time

In the spirit of previously stated things, I have decided to use a blog-ish format for my limited photography portfolio. This way, each picture can have its own focus and story, and theoretically newer items will show up on top of the list. For the next few days though, I’ll primarily be posting old photos to get my portfolio up and running. Here’s the first subject: 

Frozen in Time
Device Model/Make: Pentax K20D
Lens: Tamron 18-200mm, f/3.5-6.3
Focal Length: 18mm
F number: 6.7
Shutter: 8s
ISO: 100

I took this picture following a trip into Hoboken to watch the 4th of July (2010) fireworks from Pier A. My friend and I had just disembarked at Rutherford station and were preparing to drive home when he had the idea for a train photography quickie. I wasn’t at all opposed to the idea, since I had battery life and memory to burn. We didn’t have long to setup though. I looked around for a platform to take the picture from, since taking out my tripod would have been too time consuming. I found a rock that had a not-so-horizontal top about 20 feet away and made myself comfortable. With the base of the camera resting on the rock and an index finger propping up the lens to aim, I dialed in a random exposure time and fired away. My friend who was using a micro four-thirds camera didn’t have as much luck, one of the few times that a heavy camera’s heft significantly aids in stabilization.
Post-Processing for this picture was pretty simply, fiddle with the brightness/contrast and crop (“HD” wide format worked, since the primary subject is long). No noise reduction was needed, since I shot at such a low ISO.
Why do I like this picture? Well it’s a long exposure that captures both motion and surprising stillness from the human subjects I caught. I wasn’t expecting the latter, so I thought the result was really cool.

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