Site Evolution: Photography Portfolio

At the risk of sounding like a narcissistic dabbler, I’ve decided to take some advice and remove my photo album from my site and go with a portfolio-type setup where I keep a bunch of highlights. The way I see it, if you care about the the slew of passable family vacation photos I take, you’ll find them on Facebook. If you want to see what I’m capable of with a camera (or how lucky I get), you can visit my humble site, since this is more about me and less about social ‘like’-ing. I also plan on including a little background info about each shot, as well as pertinent camera settings, like shutter speed and aperture for those who are inclined. This was, each item will be more of a story than a “ooh, that’s cool… ok, next.” Alternatively, you could visit my deviant art gallery… but I have a sneaking suspicion that anyone I’m lucky enough to have stumble upon my site won’t want to be linked to yet another site.

Expect the revised photography page to surface within a week or two.

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