IARC 2011

IARC Scores and Placement? Pending…

I am currently awaiting official scores for the 2011 IARC on the Drexel competition site. There was a potential scoring discrepancy that could affect TCNJ’s placement (for the better) so I’m going to withhold any celebration until things are finalized. In the mean time, I can happily report that of any team that opted to build their own vehicle, Emu was one of two that flew, and the only one of three to perform autonomously. Although I may not have undertaken as challenging a build as a quad-rotor, I was also working alone… and tackled far more issues than anyone else.

ex. I believe the Drexel “B-Team” didn’t get to install a camera in their quadrotor, but were still using the 2.4 GHz Xbee for communication. They hadn’t even considered the issue of wireless interference that drove me to bring a satellite dish to the competition and use a 2-foot long carbon fiber tail boom to isolate the camera from the radio communications link.

I will have a more detailed self-debriefing and discussion hopefully within a week.

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