First Video Project: Trial By Fireworks… Without Fireworks

I realize that this is a little late to post, but since I was without a working domain for the past 2 or so weeks, I couldn’t put this up like I normally would. This is my first real video project, shot on a D5100 using both kit and telephoto lens. My intention was to document what it was like in Hoboken, waiting for the Fireworks on July 4th. I stumbled upon the perfect song to pair the video with and worked out a storyboard/shot list in my head about 2 weeks in advance.

It is composed of 58 separate shots. totaling just under 2 minutes. It took over 26 minutes of footage to make, just because I had to isolate only shots I wanted. A lot of shots simply didn’t work out, or were too similar in framing (ex. I shot several clips down the railing of the pier, towards Manhattan). Another big factor was camera stabilization. I tried doing a few shots walking around, but without a steadycam, or a heftier camera, my shots were bouncing around too much to use, even with digital stabilization. I barely scraped together a usable shot with the seagull in the intro. I did have decent success with timelapses, which I thought would be a nice way to cut the monotony of the regular shots of people and skyline.

Anyhooo. That was my intro to video. Hope you enjoyed it (most of you who care have probably watched it already). And yes. This does go in my portfolio.

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