Aphid Infestation

Device Model/Make: Nikon D5100
Focal Length: 18-55mm, Vivitar Macro Filter
F number: 8
Shutter: ~1s
ISO: 100
Postprocessing: Quicktime, iMovie

I had the idea for a timelapse project (inspired by this) before I went to grad school that involved a flower blooming. It was raining the afternoon that I wanted to start, so I ran outside during a lull in the rain after dinner. I cut off a stem with several flower buds and stuck it in a bottle with some water. I set up a lamp to cast consistent lighting for the duration of the timelapse (used a CFL to minimize energy use) and set it up so the lighting was primarily coming “over your left shoulder”. The white wall behind would help diffuse it all.

I let my camera run on its built in interval timer until the battery died, taking a picture every 60 seconds. It would make it through only about 450 or so (7.5 hours). I woke up the next day, swapped batteries, and changed-up my framing. I repeated this twice before late in day 3 I noticed a fuzzy blob on the stem of the flower. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a bug. Then I realized there were lots of them. I called off the timelapse and ejected the flower from my house, but then I had a thought that what I’d captured could still be interesting. As it turns out, 1 frame per minute is actually a reasonable speed at which to capture life in the insect kingdom.

I’m rather happy with the results, although I’m never touching a flower from outside again. Hope you got a kick out of it.

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