Edible Epics: Oven Bacon

About a week ago, I developed a certain mental condition while sitting in my room doing homework. It was a craving. A craving for bacon. It seemed that my body was desperately short on cholesterol and that health condition manifested itself in a deep, persistent desire for bacon. I was at a bit of an impasse, however. My apartment had no appropriate stove-top cookware for the task, and I wasn’t about to go out and buy one of those microwave bacon racks. Actually, I don’t even have a microwave. Needless to say, the only avenue of attack for this pressing food issue was to make bacon in an oven. Now I had seen this done before, both at Lifehacker and EpicMealTime, but I had never given it a second glance. Now my sanity depended on it.

When I tried this for the first time, I cut the bacon strips in half, because the bacon strips were just longer than the pan I had for my toaster oven. I set the oven for 400 degrees, and unleashed the heat on my tray of bacon for 20 minutes. The results were decent, although I may have overcooked the batch slightly. It was nonetheless delicious. I retried it several more times, determining that 425 degrees was the optimal temperature for crispy bacon, which also reduced the cook-time by 3 minutes. I also discovered that I could just lay out whole strips of bacon across the pan because they contract faster than they drip grease, so they’ll shrink to fit the pan before they make a mess.

Overall, the experiment was a rousing success for my morale. My breakfasts have never been heartier. Future directions of this experiment include: cooking with the bacon grease (scrambled eggs?) and using name brand bacon. I was using Kroger’s brand, and I’m not sure if that has a significant impact on the taste or not.

NOTE: You definitely don’t have to drain the grease. When you pull out your bacon, you’ll want to put them on paper towels to cool anyway. Draining grease also wastes precious cooking time. However, it does not detrimentally affect the results.

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