University of Michigan: My Big Move

So I suppose this post is mildly special in that it’s my first post from Ann Arbor, MI. I recently made the 500 mile trek with my parents to the University of Michigan where I’ll be slogging my way through the Aerospace Masters program. Having just finished settling completely into my room, I have a little bit of time this weekend to put down my initial impressions. In short though: Wow! The U of M is crazy huge. TCNJ was a cozy village. UM is like a mini city. To put this into perspective:

That is 714 acres vs. 289. It takes 30 minutes to traverse from one end to the other by bus. 42,000 students vs. 6,000. My mind was blown when I drove through the town. Luckily, I’ll only be frequenting the Northern half of campus. (Note: Scale is correct between pictures, boundaries of UM not 100% correctly defined.)

My room in the Northwood V apartment complex is pretty cozy, looks something like this:

The rest of the house is pretty Spartan. On a health-science-related side note, I’m trying out the back-lit monitor eye-trick I noticed with an Antec product. Not to plug their products or anything, the general concept is called bias lighting, and it’s supposed to reduce eye-strain. I just put my desk lamp behind the monitor when I’m not reading or anything.

My food situation is primarily kept in check by the local Kroger’s, Chinese Supermarket, and Trader Joe’s. But Ann Arbor literally has EVERY store you could possibly want. Target, Lowes, Staples, Walmart, Home Depot, Meijer, Whole Food’s, Best Buy, etc. all within city limits. And they’re all pretty sizable outlets. Everyone wants a piece of college students’ wallets. Especially the gas stations…

I have my first graduate class ever tomorrow, AEROSP-540: Intermediate Dynamics. Should be fun. And by fun, I mean a rude awakening that I have forgotten everything I learned in Intro Dynamics at the 200-level. Other classes I’m taking in accordance with the Flight Dynamics and Controls curriculum I’ve chosen are: Linear Systems, Flight Software Systems, and a 2-credit gem I found, Intro to Systems Engineering, taught by Don Winter (former SecNav). I’m looking forward to that, since it should be a broad, conceptual class. Anyhoo. Time for bed. Cheers!

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