DIY Iron Man Arc Reactor, From Scratch

Until I get my act together and do a full-up post on my latest project, I thought I’d drop a quick montage/slideshow/walkthrough of the creation of my own little slice of chest-mounted clean fusion. It is by no means dimensionally accurate, but I tried to stay true to the look and feel of the original movie prop. There are a couple of personal touches (pronounced: goofs) that make this build unique… but the important part is that the primary features are correct. Far too many people fail at counting and use 9, or 8, or 6 “electromagnets*” around the main ring. Guys. There are 10. That’s the easiest part to figure out and make.

As is typical with my builds, I shunned spending money on anything but tools. This was made from scratch with nothing but love (or insanity) and elbow grease. I really don’t think buying plumbing parts or hacking a tap/puck light is nearly as cool as crafting every last piece. Total cost of materials for this should be under $10 if you creatively recycle and plan ahead.

I started this project over 2 years ago but forgot about it through my senior year and first year of grad school. I got really bored recently, and with my own apartment (and work space) decided to stop being a slacker and start putting my tools where my mouth was.

If you want me to do a show-and-tell video, as well as explain some of the finer details of my arc reactor, let me know in the comments below. I should have a blog post about this project in a couple of days… /weeks…

Music used: The Land of the Wizard by

* Apparently on the Replica Prop Forums they’re known as transformers… and in real life, those convert magnetic fields into electricity… which makes sense… but I would’ve thought it would be more of a containment system for plasma. Like in a Tokamak… but I suppose it could be both. #nerdfight

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