“Aimbot” | A Battlefield 3 Montage, and Rambling About Music Licensing for YouTubers

Before you go accusing me of not doing homework, let me first say that a lot of this footage was recorded weeks ago. And editing together a 2 minute montage I did after dinner yesterday before bed. I thought I’d throw this clip up on my site not only because it’s an abnormality in my editing style (fast tempo, hard-hitting), but because it was also a stepping stone video as I learn my way around music licensing and all that obnoxious *stuff* that YouTubers have to tread around.

The main piece I used was “Men of Iron” by Music Junkies. In case you’re wondering, their terms are that you’re free to use it on your pieces so long as they get the ad revenue. Which, for a large music producer is understandable. Production houses use this stuff, so it’s really priced out of the range of most YouTubers. What this means for people like me though is that I have to balance my content between high-quality draw’s using stuff like this, and original work using royalty free material I can monetize it. So theoretically, even if I don’t make money on this particular video, the extra traffic to the rest of my content should make up for it… of course… this is all a hobby, so we’re talking about enough money to maybe buy me a meal at McDonalds once a month.

But still… it’s the learning process that counts. And the cool frags.

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