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Motion Control Update: Stage 1 Assembled

So I’ve finally gathered some free time and activated J.F.D.I. mode on this project. After a lot of Dremel improvisation which my neighbors probably aren’t thrilled with, I’ve assembled all the pieces of the camera platform and tilt head along with the gear reduction system. Without powering it up, it seems to work reasonably well… Although because I didn’t have a drill press to bore out the gears with, they’re mounted with a certain amount of eccentricity. If the stars align just right, the gears may slip briefly. But for small delta theta (as is typical for engineering) we can assume that the system works just fine.

Still on the to-do list before I consider stage 1 complete is:

  • Create spacer block so that camera center of mass is aligned with tilt axis.
  • Re-wire stepper motor controller to use full-step drive and maximize torque.
  • Add ‘enable’ line to turn off controller remotely.
  • Create control GUI and program Arduino.

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