New BF3 Montage, Remixing a Soundtrack, and CPU Envy

Hey guys, new BF3 montage out today so I can make room on my external hard drive for editing a Linear Systems video project later this week. Theme of this video is the same as “Aimb0t.” Precision death on call. And also obliterating my favorite vehicle.

For this video, I came across a pretty groovy tune in the Black Mesa soundtrack I thought was pretty good. The only problem was that it only lasted about 70 seconds. A pretty short run by any measure. So I ended up duplicating the main body and playing back the fade out in reverse as a build-in. I thought it came out pretty good and fits well. I tend to do this kind of modification to songs a fair bit since I can’t make my own custom score.

In other news, that Linear Systems video project I mentioned earlier should be taking over my weekend. I’ll be directing and filming a short about a student who’s trying to remember a controls concept in the middle of an exam but falls asleep. I’m hoping to get Digital Workroom certified so I can use the Mac Pro’s in the library’s editing suite. Dual Xeon power? Sign me up. But I’m not sure if i have to take a workshop class first that includes topics like… digitizing footage and exporting to tape… ugh. Who do they think I am, a Comm major?

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