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Motion Control Contraption Test #1

After a ton of procrastination this weekend, I finally got around to setting up stage 1 of my motion control contraption. Using a simple Arduino program to step forward and backwards in a loop, I got a few test shots with my Nikon bolted to the rig. The shutter was triggered via the Arduino to prevent the camera from taking a picture while the rig was in motion. The resulting stitched video is by no stretch of the imagination smooth, so it looks like I will be exploring half-step drive for my stepper motors.

Nonetheless, the mechanics of my design are reassuringly sound and the rig performed as intended. The holding-force of the stepper motor was also quite good at 7 volts. In the future, this power requirement should be reduced as I intend on centering the camera’s COG with the tilt-axis.


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