LANpocalypse 2012 – Ending the year with a healthy dose of fun.

I had the opportunity to indulge in a bunch games at my friend’s house, and anytime you’re gaming with a large group of people, it’s always a blast. There was TF2, CS:GO, UT3, Halo 4, and a smattering of Wii U when the crowd thinned out.

I’ve always wanted to do a Node LAN Party/DevinSuperTramp “omgmylifeisawesome”-style video, and this was my chance. I usually do montages with straight in-game footage, but the human factor is so essential in an event like this. I hope I did it justice.

Plus, I got to put my 8mm fisheye to yet another test and I think it performed admirably. I’ll definitely be including it in my walkaround kit, though the 18-55 is still going to be the primary for it’s non-distorting qualities. I was tempted to hang a tripod under my camera as a pseudo-steadicam/counterweight to stabilize the footage, but when you’re walking around drinks and computers and a jungle of wires, agility is paramount.

Music Used:
Sugar High by Approaching Nirvana @
Anomaly Detected by
(both free to use with attribution)

Comments: Encoding and rendering recorded footage takes FOREVER… T_T
Turnaround time for this video, from the start of the party to publishing was about 20 hours. Not bad considering I only got 5 hours of sleep in that period.


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