Alaska Revisit


Device Model/Make: Pentax *ist DL
Focal Length: 65mm
F number: 11
Shutter: 1/350 s
ISO: 200
Taken: June 2008

Going through my photo archives, I discovered a bunch of pictures from my family’s Alaska trip that I never got around to posting. Haven’t done a ‘portfolio’ post in awhile so I figured I’d toss it up here. At the time this was taken (2008) I was a giant photo-noob using a camera I didn’t fully understand, I’m not even sure I had my first Mac at the point. Neither Picasa nor Windows Live Photo Gallery were viable, so a lot of these pictures were never properly processed.

This picture was taken just a short plane ride from Anchorage, on a bear-seeing excursion. I caught a plane taxiing out, and had the presence of mind to frame it against the (Dude, you don’t even know how gorgeous Alaska is) landscape. In hindsight, I would’ve wanted to go a little wider on the shot and crop later at my own discretion, but oh well.

Colors were tweaked in Photoshop in 3 zones, foreground up to and including the tree line, the mountains and their foothills, and the sky. Each has a slightly different adjustment scheme.

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