Beer Bottle Cutting w/ Hot Water

A year or two ago I made a video where I demonstrated cutting a wine bottle with hot water. Apparently some people found it interesting as it currently has a hair over 80,000 views. Well I got bored this weekend and with some smaller diameter beer bottles (hard cider, really) lying around, I decided to try and cut those as well. I could actually use a bunch of small containers for things like jumpers, screws, etc… and you know. Cups. I have a drinking problem. The only beverage-holding vessels I have in my apartment are two Eickhoff mugs I borrowed when I was at TCNJ. And a pair of WTSR shot glasses…

2013-01-20 12.41.18

I built a new bottle-scoring jig to evenly score glass. If you saw my original contraption made of 2×4’s, it was inconsistent. Both in terms of holding the glass scorer in place and smoothly rotating the bottle. I overcame this by making a completely new one with skateboard bearings.

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 3.01.29 PM

Smaller diameter bottles do make cutting difficult, but having perfect score marks to start with helps. Using hot water instead of fire also helps, since you can control the rate of crack propagation better.

2013-01-20 13.40.06

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