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CynicalScience: My New YouTube Channel & Direction

Evening, Internet-folk. Just wanted to make some sort of official-ish announcement on what’s going on with my YouTube channel(s) and the thought process behind it. It should be no surprise to most of you that I’ve been running a fledgling YouTube channel that I dump a lot of my projects and video-game media into. I’m certainly not forsaking that channel, as I love the content I put into it, but I wanted to make a channel that’s a little more ‘professional’ and focused on a single topic. And that channel I named Cynical Science.

Potential alternate Logo/Icon/Mascot instead of Grumpy Cat.
Potential alternate Logo/Icon/Mascot instead of Grumpy Cat.

If you think about most successful channel on YouTube, it’s generally got one theme that it sticks to. Musicians, vloggers, filmmakers… they all present a unified presence on the internet. There is one exception that I know of (a.k.a. am subscribed to) and that’s Ray Mak, an excellent cover pianist who also happens to put vacation vids and such on his channel. Nothing against it, but you can clearly see the disparity in view-count between his piano work and his random life clips. Most subscribers to a channel want consistent content, and I’m still working out how I want to do it.

I am a shameless geek about many things, DIY Projects, technology, video games, science, food, etc. But those are all very different and unique things, it would be hard for one channel encompassing all of that stuff to develop a consistent viewer-base. So I’m going to spare my 68 subscribers the spam and put my Brain-Fluff-y musings on their own channel: Cynical Science. Or at least… I will once (if) it picks up steam. I’m honestly not sure how to get a channel from zero-subs to [some number with at least 2 digits]-viewership, so until CynSci can stand on it’s own, I’ll be dual-posting on it and ‘krayvis’/TrollingEmu, a name I’ve adopted from gaming.

But whatever the outcome, my only real interest is self-expression. Doing these videos is a way for me to overcome my loathing of public speaking, and to refine skills like concise writing and creative editing. And drawing I suppose, since it is a fair challenge to try and illustrate an abstract concept with nothing but a pencil and paper. It’s a mental exercise, and if people enjoy it, then so much the better. There’s no way I could make a living doing YouTube, that much I’ve accepted. Even with my wine-bottle-cutting video at 80,000 views, I’ve barely made enough money in 4 months to pay for my electricity in one month.

A video about me doodling? Why not.
A video about me doodling? Why not.

I guess I should also at least mention the inspiration for CynSci. Basically, I tend to think I have some really bizarre notions because I’m strange (aren’t we all, at least a little?). But the complexity of my musings tend to be so excessive I find them to be almost comical. My brain is a virtual Rube Goldberg machine. Since I don’t (often) think like a rocket-scientist, I also believe it’s possible for me to share my mental journeys in a way that’s easily digestible for most people. And the hope is that at least a few of them would get some enjoyment from it. Channels like MinutePhysics, ViHart, and Vsauce have had great success with this, and they each have their own flavor of edu-tainment. I’m hoping that perhaps wit, sarcasm, and a healthy dose of deconstructive intent will carve me my own niche.

In terms of scheduling, I can write the script in my free time. MinutePhysics and ViHart weren’t lying when they said it was the most time-consuming part. The drawings for my pilot “webisode” took about an hour. Yes, one single hour. Not too bad considering I was still Googling a few numbers and figures at the last minute. Solid research ahead of time will prevent frustration later. So if I can get the scripting done between classes and such on weekdays, and voice recording done in about half an hour + multiple takes, I think I can probably stick to a bi-weekly or (worst case) monthly schedule, assuming I have enough ideas (and not enough homework). The most time-consuming part is the editing, since my underpowered Macbook Pro chokes on the nearly-4K timelapsed sketches I use.

We’ll see where this goes. This is an experiment for me, not some “marketing push” for myself. I’m honestly curious as to how this will turn out. I would love to meet new people from this experience, my “old” channel has put me in touch with people from Norway, the UK, Canada, Australia… the Internet’s an interesting place. Perhaps I’ll even chat with a ‘real’ YouTuber, that would be worth more than a month’s electric bill for sure. So here’s to a new online adventure.

Cynical Science, over-thought answers to questions you never knew you had.

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