This is just a test… but I might as well rant about cars.

First order of business: I did some more digging around, and appears that WordPress now has direct support for Facebook. This means I can go back to using Twitter as a tool for entering giveaway contests.

Second order of business (optional): Has anyone seen the pictures of the latest Cadillac monstrosity? As much as I can appreciate cars like the ATS as examples of great engineering I can’t get over how ugly Caddies are. Same with Bentley cars. They’re horrifying images of anti-performance.

Sure, your flat, imposing “aggressive fascia” might appeal to some people. But not only does it reek of aerodynamic ignorance, but it’s also a symbol of not knowing how to engineer. The excessive flatness, or square-ness is a product of “style,” which harkens back to the days when Detroit was still making metal bathtubs on wheels. It’s similar to how the Challenger is staying true to its roots, aesthetically… Except there’s nothing desirable at all about a 1980’s Cadillac unless you’re filming an episode of the (original) A-Team and you need a car to shoot up.

Granted, you aren’t as angular as you were 2 years ago… but now you’re just drifting into Mercedes territory.

However, while excessive squareness is a sin, so is excessive roundness. Yes, C6, I’m looking at you. You’re front-pretty, but butt-ugly. No engineer in his right mind uses curves like that. It’s a sign of utter impracticality if you’re trying to make room for components or occupants. And that nagging thought in the back of my mind makes me think your back-end is a giant plastic bubble that Chevy engineers unimaginatively recessed some tail lights into. The picture above doesn’t do your Hasbro-ness justice, but just imagine that car in red or yellow.

And while I’m on a streak of offending subsets of the car enthusiast community, can I say the Porsche 911 is a fantastic piece of engineering but an uninspired, insipid looking car? One reason:

The original Porsche 911.

TLDR: If you see this on Facebook, that means you can say goodbye to Twitter links. Goodnight.

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