2 Dirt Simple Recipes to “Just Eat A Goddamn Vegetable”

Yes. I’m blogging about food. Deal with it.


I got really lazy today and didn’t want to make sauteed mushrooms. I also had snow peas left over from a Beef Chow Fun improvisation I had to use before they went bad. So because I don’t know how to cook, I went online and found the simplest recipes I could for each. Here’s how they turned out.

Basic Roasted Mushrooms

Normally I like to saute my mushrooms with some balsamic vinegar and Italian herb seasoning, but today I didn’t feel like slicing my shrooms. This recipe only requires that you cut off the stems… which no one likes anyway.

All you do is toss your caps in some olive oil and roast in aluminum foil (they say parchment paper… whatever), which means ONE LESS THING TO WASH 😀

Taste wise, these are pretty good. Not nearly as savory as their sauteed brethren due to the reduced surface area to mass ratio, but quite easy to scarf down. I would try tossing them with a bit of Italian seasoning just for flavor next time.

Mediterranean Snow Peas

Normally I’m not a fan of beans of any sort, but these were acceptable. Maybe I just got lucky and the natural sweetness of the peas hadn’t yet departed for another realm. The slowest part of the recipe is prepping the peas. I didn’t de-string them since all of my green victims were relatively young, but you may have to spend a few more minutes prepping yours.

When they say 2 minutes in the pan, they really mean 2 minutes. I went a little longer since electric stoves are crap, but with sufficient firepower, you can cook your snow peas through quickly enough that they will remain crisp.

Taste wise… well, since they’re cooked in some butter with Italian herb and minced garlic, they taste just like my sauteed mushrooms do. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any lemon juice, but I think it would’ve been a nice refreshing flavor addition. Would cook again.

So that was basically my dinner because I was too lazy to cook something with protein. Between these recipes and roasted carrots/zuchinni, my repertoire of green has essentially doubled. If you have any simple recipes I should try, let me know in the comments… or more realistically on Facebook, because apparently only Jörg Sprave comments on my videos.


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  1. If I’m cooking vegetables (asparagus, green beans, etc)… I add literally just the smallest amount of sugar so they brown… So much yumminess

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