Project Update: P-50 Nut Shooter (5/27)


I was unfortunately (or not) delayed by ice cream and other social shenanigans. Here’s the latest update on my pump-action slingshot crossbow. I’ve fine-tuned my trigger mechanism a little more, it’s going to be a 2-link group instead of a single piece because the paracord hold-back hook must engage from above. I am currently shaping the trigger piece that will depress the back end of the hook and fire the slingshot. There might be enough room for me to jury-rig a safety for my weapon as well, but that’s less useful and less fun.

I’m hoping to have the trigger group completed tomorrow morning, and install plastic or metal sheeting on sliding parts to reduce friction. By the end of the day, I expect to have broken ground on the slingshot forks on which I will attach strips of theraband gold (to-be-cut) in the following day(s). Optimistically I will have a prototype by Thursday/Friday, with filming (& testing) starting next week. Stay tuned…

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