In the Pipeline – 6/24: Project Updates


I’m long overdue for a blog post, so let’s ramble on about projects I have planned for the immediate future. This will be a giant spoiler alert for my YouTube channel, but luckily my website sees almost zero traffic… or like 400 hits a week. Here’s what to expect from me over the course of the next few months:

  • New slingshot ammunition for the P-50. I’m trying to adapt the rifle to shoot something other than a half-inch hex nut. It will probably be less lethal, but more fun…
  • New slingshot. This one will be completely for fun. You know how Jöerg Sprave finds some of the most unique things to shoot? I’m trying my hand at weaponizing unconventional household items… 😉
  • Backpack camera rig (over-the-shoulder). This will provide a “full immersion” POV when I visit Europe later this year.
  • Camera bag insert for my backpack. Since I will be wearing a backpack-bodycam for the aforementioned Euro-trip, I figured I’d retrofit some foam pockets to my regular school backpack to make it a viable camera bag for my DSLR as well as the bodycam base.
  • Aluminum camera slider. The electrical conduit slider was a complete disappointment. This should provide the smoothest camera movements yet.
  • Arduino MoCo engine. This will coordinate the camera slider’s drive motor and camera shutter, eliminating motion blur in long-exposure timelapses. I already have some pseudo-code in my head.
  • Iron Man Mk. 1.5 flight stabilizer. Comicon NY, I’m looking at you. Also secretly/openly hoping that awesome/hot cosplayers like Lindsay Elyse are there… >.> Probably will be using thermoformed ABS plastic as the base material.
  • Fireworks video project. Assuming my friend Don is still going to Hoboken this year, I plan on practicing more videography this year since I have plenty of wallpaper-quality shots… There’s a video algorithm in linux I want to try applying to some shots… it prrrrrrrobably has nothing to do with lightpainting…

So. There you have it… well, I really just wrote that for my own benefit. That’s everything I want to accomplish before starting work in August. This is all in addition to a tennis training regimen I want to undertake with my brother, and visiting friends about 9000 more times…

Summer, bring it on.grumpy cat

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