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Everything Wrong With the 2014 Mazda CX-5

It’s a joy to drive, but missing some of the “little things” holds back the CX-5 from true greatness.

Update: Check the comments section too, others have mentioned a couple more good ones.

Update 2: I took my CX-5 on a racetrack, and I actually had a lot of fun. Here are my thoughts.


The 2014 Mazda CX-5 is undoubtedly one of the best (affordable) CUVs on the market right now. Between it’s killer looks and fantastic road-feel, the CX-5 is a brilliant answer to the two giants that overshadow it, Honda and Subaru (CR-V and Forester). It’s near the front of the pack in terms of power and fuel efficiency, typically mutually exclusive traits, and still comes in under 30k. It’s not for the economy 4WD seeker, the CUVs like the Rogue cater to a more frugal bunch, but the CX-5 is a damn good (and practical) car if you care at all about enjoying what you drive.

That being said, there is still significant room for Mazda to improve the CX-5. Although it answered its critics’ biggest gripe from the 2013 (underpowered 2.0L engine upgraded to 2.5L), there are still many little things that make you shake your head. Here’s a selection of tiny faults I’ve come across in a month of driving. Some of them are legitimately stupid, and some of them are just based on my personal driving preferences.

  • Window Controls


    Have you ever parked your car, turned off the engine, and realized you left a window open? We all have, and most cars will keep the juice flowing to the windows controls until you crack open the door so you can correct your mistake without turning the car back on.

    What Mazda does instead is only give you one auto-up/down, illuminated window switch which will remain active after turning off the ignition. All the other switches are left lifeless and dark. Either Mazda thinks people will only ever forget to close one window, or they didn’t feel like wiring up the remaining 3 (+ moonroof) window switches to a computer-controlled circuit and gluing in an LED. This is cheap, and dumb.

  • Rear Visibility
    This is something that plagues a lot of newer cars… sloped rear-ends that increase aerodynamics and hatchback-iness usually mean slits for rear windows. That’s not a problem when reversing if your car gives you a backup camera (and the CX-5 does), but when you’re driving on the highway, it’s bad for situational awareness. Couple this with headrests that permanently obscure your vision, and you have a pretty much useless rear view mirror.


    Also, the last row of windows in the CX-5 is pretty much useless. Furthermore, the geometry of the rear pillar creates an area of high-contrast. That rear window in the back is always brighter than the surroundings, which turns makes it harder for me to clear my blind spot at a glance… probably why Mazda threw in a blind spot monitoring system.


  • Lightweight Panels
    In my old CR-V, when I closed the moonroof shade at highway speeds, I immediately noticed a sound-dampening quality in the cabin. The shade itself was dense and well padded. It also blocked out noise from rain. The CX-5’s shade is noticeably flimsier and does nothing for the car’s acoustics.

    Some other plastic panels and accents don’t fit as snugly as they could have either.

  • Subaru’s Trunk is More Useful


    When I test-drove the Forester, I was impressed by the little details. Like a styrofoam tray in the spare tire compartment to store small trinkets. It wouldn’t be very useful for groceries, but it’s certainly nice for items you would otherwise carelessly toss in the trunk and let roll around on a regular basis.


    Mazda’s spare tire well is shallower, so it can’t be nearly as useful. Maybe you can toss in a pair of shoes, that’s about it. If they’d dropped the trunk depth just a few more inches, they might have actually improved aerodynamics and added some useful hidden storage. It’s not like you’re going to go mudding in a car like this, so ground clearance would still have been quite sufficient.

  • Transmission
    This one’s really just knit-picking, the CX-5’s automatic transmission when paired with a 6-speed provides more than adequate power. But quite often, it’s fuel-sipping programming will make itself known as the car holds onto a higher gear as long as possible. You can drop the car into manual shift mode, but it’s not a real manual shifter. The CX-5’s automatic brain will still automatically downshift for you when you’re slowing down, so if you try to downshift there’s a good chance your car will try to simultaneously. Instead of limiting the car to only one shift (when 2 different inputs are received) every 150 milliseconds or so, you’ll just drop 2 gears at once and suffer the harsh engine braking consequences.

    Mazda. Either give us FULL control, or put in some code in the ECU or something that ignores double-shifts (from user input + automatic logic).

  • Open Door Indicator


    Honda’s had this nailed down for years. Would it kill you to differentiate your different door sensors instead of having a single monolithic “A DOOR IS OPEN” icon on the dashboard???

  • Infotainment System
    This one’s the deal-breaker for me. If Mazda doesn’t fix this by the time my lease is over, I’m discarding all my accumulated love for Mazda and switching brands. Here’s how Mazda’s iPhone/Pod connectivity works:

    1) Bluetooth – Works like a charm, easier to pair than Subaru’s system on the Forester. Navigation, music are all routed properly. However, there are no controls for finding playlists or songs. Nor are there options for shuffle or repeat. The only workaround is to use Siri to activate shuffle, not even the Music App’s controls work.

    Do you even check your forums, Mazda?
    Do you even check your forums, Mazda?

    2) USB – Car tries to download ALL music. We’re not talking a song list or anything, if you have 10 GB of music, you have to wait for your car to read 10 GB over USB 2.0. I can usually drive a mile or two before playback starts. And when it does, there is no persistent memory of where you last left off. The car starts playing at the very first song in alphabetical order. People in forums have recommended creating empty tracks titled ‘aaaaaaaaa.mp3’ in order to circumvent this system.

    You will become very familiar with this screen...
    You will become very familiar with this screen…

    Like… SERIOUSLY, MAZDA? A high school programmer could do better than this. MYFORD TOUCH, Sync, whatever it’s called works better than this. Not only is this annoying, but by not letting me set my music before I start driving you are creating a safety hazard. I, and dozens of others, have contacted Mazda Corporate, and they said they will relay our concerns to the UI designers but they have made no promises to patch this system in the future. (PS, there’s a Change.Org petition about this issue:

Let me reiterate, the CX-5 is a joy to drive. The problem is that numerous little and large flaws tear you away from your automotive nirvana. To be clear though, this is by no means ‘the ultimate driving machine.’ It’s 80% there, for 50% of the price and for any other car that would be fantastic. But it kills me that all of Mazda’s faults could have been remedied for not a lot of money in manufacturing or design.

Update 2:
Another issue has been plaguing my car: Moisture.


Some mornings, I’ve found the inside of my windshield coated in ice, and because of its curvature I can’t scrape it off easily. After 5 minutes idling and 10 minutes driving with the deicer on maximum, there is still ice inside my car when I get to work (That’s another problem, uneven airflow over the windshield.)


And also, to get through the front gate I’ve had to open my door to show my ID because my window was frozen shut. I drive without air recirculation turned on, so humidity ought to have been equalized inside the cabin. I never had either of these problems with my CR-V in Michigan.

127 thoughts on “Everything Wrong With the 2014 Mazda CX-5

  1. Good list, I have many of the same gripes. A couple more that come to mind:

    – bad trunk lighting. Not sure it’s because I have the trunk cover, but at night I can’t see a thing in the trunk. There is a manual light on the side, but other than that, darkness. Or am I overlooking something?

    – When you lock the car, it will flash the lights (hard to see from the side when the car is parked). A second press on the key will honk the horn. Loud! Apparently the more gentle electronic beep is only included in the tech package. Really?! How much can a beep cost?

    – They remote key is hard to operate by touch. There are no clear identifiers/ridges/bumps to tell you which button you’re about to press. I’m going to have to put some tape on the ‘lock’ button so I’m not constantly pulling the key out of my pocket to inspect it.

    – Apparently the passenger weight sensor can be fooled if there’s something under your seat, or so the dealer told me. I had a passenger whose 100lbs weight didn’t register, and the car gave a nice ‘airbag off, enjoy your crash’ light for the passenger. Maybe just my car, but if not, bad design.

    – Snapping the sun visor our of its holder is difficult and sounds like I’m about to break it. I didn’t. Yet.

    – The head unit’s night mode comes on way too early for me, making it difficult to operate it at dusk. Dangerous. I’ve decided to lower the daytime brightness and disable auto-night mode.

    – The bluetooth connection info bar overlays a good portion of the backup camera view. And by design, this happens every time when you start the car and want to back out of a parking spot. It will always be connecting to bluetooth at that time. Sloooowly.

    – Sometimes hands-free phone calls are sent back to the phone right after dialing, and I’m not able to figure out why this happens. This leads to fumbling with the phone while in traffic. Dangerous.

    Wow, that’s quite a list. The low power/high gear at intermediate speeds is driving me nuts as well, makes the car feel weak. And the bluetooth issue is awful. It’s worse on WP8 where shuffling a large music collection freezes the phone for 30 seconds or so. Result: every time I get in the car, my phone freezes for 30 seconds, after which the same freaking song starts playing. It’s like the car has a theme song.

    But other than that it’s a nice car..

  2. Hi

    I’ve had a CX-5 for 9 months with no end of issues since it was 1st registered in Janaury 2013.

    The Alarm keep going off randomly, and the doors unlock themselves randomly. I managed to finally get some resolution on these issues after several months, and it turned out to be a design issue with some of the wiring in the car. If you live in place where a high amount of rain and/or high humidity then this connector ends up getting corroded over time (very quickly) since its not well protected from the ‘elements’. This causes random faults, which progressively get worse and worse till the car is breaks down completely. I’ve had this connector and cabling replaced twice now, and its currently in the garage for a 3rd time.

    I’ve had another issue with the Sat Nav where the Live Services stopped working the minute I starting paying for the feature. For the past 8 months this feature hasn’t worked and supposedly Mazda & TomTom are working to solve the problem…..or just finger point at one another.

    Another issue is the Dashboard has started to creek & rattle like a 10 year old car. Once again, I have been told its a design issue, and I need to have some linning put in to stop the dash from rubbing on the chassis of the car

    The fuel economy is nowhere near the published figures. The very best I’ve achieved is 35mpg driving at the speed limits (2.0l Diesel) and accelerating like a snail. This is driving over long distances, primarily on Highways/major roads with flowing traffic.

    The i-stop function hardly ever works, so when I stop it turns the engine off about 5% of the time, leaving it running the rest of the time.

    Ignoring these issues….the car is OK.

  3. I purchased a 2014 CX-5 GT a few months ago. And already I’m fed up with the stereo/head-unit OS. My main complaints:

    1. Lack of memory. It doesn’t remember the last song/artist/album played from a USB drive. So it plays the first alphabetical song on the drive every time you start the car. I know the head-unit has memory capabilities…it saves radio station presets, phone contacts, etc…so why wasn’t this obvious to them?

    2. Load time. Not only does it take 3-5 minutes for the USB drive to initially load, scrolling through songs, albums, and artists takes a few seconds to load EACH page of only about 10 items. The drive should be indexed!

    3. Shuffle. From what I can tell, the “shuffle” feature only produces about 3-4 truly random song orders, when shuffling all the songs on the drive. So, you end up hearing the same songs over and over again. Not so random.

    There’s a petition on that addresses these issues:

  4. I purchased my 2014 CX-5 the end of November 2013. I am not really happy with the road noise or the creaking of the doors when they open. Are new cars suppose to do this? In addition, I live in Maryland and my windows would not open after a low temp night, I had been driving for a while and the car was warm enough and these windows should have opened. To me, this is a safety issue! Stuck windows? I also have noticed moisture inside my car on the windows in the morning!

    I wish I would have leased this car instead of purchased it. Any takers?

  5. I’m in NJ and I have the same issue with doors and windows. I suspect Mazda made the CX-5 a little *too* airtight. Moisture doesn’t escape the cabin very well and I sometimes get frost on the inside of the windshield in the mornings. And I’ve had the windows freeze up on my about 4-5 times this season.

    I don’t have any hard facts, but it seems to me the door also traps moisture very well. The day after a hard rain, if i lower my window and raise it up again I see wet streaks, like the inside mechanisms haven’t dried. I don’t recall other vehicles windows taking so long to dry, internally.

    Fortunately, I leased my particular vehicle…

  6. I purchased my 2014 CX-5 in September. The dashboard makes all kinds of squeeks and creeks and I can’t determine where, exactly it is coming from.
    I live in a moderate climate and it is parked inside a garage at night, but it sits outside during the day and the window has “frozen shut” with just a small amount of moisture. This is very irritating when trying to order at the drive-thru.
    I do feel safe driving this vehicle and the back up camera and the blind sight sensor are wonderful once you get used to them.
    And I love, love, love the seat warmer. The three heat selections beats most other models I have seen.

  7. I do agree with all the issues. I have changed my car from Skoda Octavia to Mazda CX5. I think Germans have a better sense of what customer like to have in car. In my ten years old VW Golf and in my Skoda you do not need to unlock a car by lock button just push the open lever once this will unlock car, very useful. Considering the size of car the display screen should be at least an inch bigger. My Skoda has a bigger screen and it is must better through touch screen.

    Car is lovely to drive and you will get loads within the price. Same specification with German manufacturer they may ask at least £5000 more. It is my first Mazada and it is a nice car but it would be perfect if the manufacturer have done a bit of research and look in other SUVs.

    Issues we discussed are not expensive to provide but very good if available in car. It will make car absolutely perfect.

  8. Starting to wish we would’ve leased. The mileage is no where near what they claim. Supposedly the GT 2014 model will do 26/30. We drive 80% open road and if we carefully use cruise control we consider ourselves lucky to get 25 mpg. I would’ve expected at least 28 mpg if they’re going to error.

    The rearview monitor which is essential to backing up because of the “rear window” if you can call it that suddenly decided to not work.

    The navigation system is sporadic in it’s working. The kind of thing you can’t bring to a garage because it will probably work the one time they try.

    Agree with others on the usb music issues. Annoying!

  9. I bought my CX 5 last April. I will say that I feel that Mazda really did some things cheaply.
    1) First there is no lock on the glove box, sometimes I like to be able to put something in there and lock it but can not.
    2) There is a rattle on the driver’s side dash by the window and no one can seem to figure out what it is.
    3) My blue tooth will not stay connected with my cell phone.
    4) There is nothing to prevent you from locking your keys in your car when the car is turned off. I have done this several times and it is very irritaking. I had a Honda Accord and it was not possible to lock your keys in the car running or not. I would think as much as you spend on the vehicle something as easy as this could be solved.
    5) I really feel like the seats are cheaply made as well.
    6) I also agree with the USB issue. I usually download audio books to listen to on trips and it works fine as long as you dont stop and then restart the car since it will go back to the beginning of the book.
    I am very disappointed with my purchase and am planning on getting rid of it as soon as possible.

  10. Does anyone have issues with their heat? I live in Canada and at -25 and colder I feel like my Mazada doesn’t generate very much heat – luke warm maybe at best when it is cranked to the hottest setting. I have spoke with my dealership and was told that because the engine is small, the car sacrifices heat for fuel efficiency. After a 20-25 min drive to work in the mornings, my feet are still freezing. Anyone else notice a deficiency in heat?

  11. It takes a long time to warm up, that’s why when you start the car on a cold day you hear the engine hit higher revs while idling. The car is burning more gas to try and warm up.

    I wish they would have put in a small electric heater instead of an ineffective heat exchanger in the engine. A lot of newer cars are going all-electric in systems like steering or AC in order to decouple them from engine performance…

  12. Thanks Winston. I wasn’t sure if the dealership was just feeding me a bunch a bs or not – I wish they had mentioned that when I purchased the car 4 months ago. Considering it is freezing in the winter, heat is something that is fairly important! Thank goodness for the heated seats at least.

  13. Wow, so glad I found this! I thought something was wrong with my vehicle because I’ve been getting frost on the inside of the dash all winter long (it’s been really cold this winter here in Wisconsin so I thought perhaps it was just the frigid cold). Appears it’s not just me.

    To Jennifer’s post – I also noticed the lack of heat right away. Another thing I wish I would have picked up on before making the purchase.

    I’m starting to regret that I purchased this car instead of leased it. 🙁

    Yesterday my rear view camera stopped working. When I went to work and put the car in reverse, the screen just turned all blue with no picture at all. When I left work and put it in reverse, the screen didn’t even change to the camera. It just kept the audio display up. 🙁 🙁 Not sure what’s wrong.

  14. I really Hate the front headrests leaning forward of the seat. They’re awful and there’s no way to push them backward away from my head and neck being pushed forward. They angle forward in a ridiculous way and there’s no way to adjust them backwards.
    And I only went on a test drive. I won’t buy the car because of them. Thanks for notifying us of all the other problems.

  15. I was the biggest mazda fan there is.
    My family at one point owned a protege 5, a mazda 6, a mazda 3 and a cx7. All great cars and we loved them all. I was so happy when they came out with this small cx 5 SUV. I was dreaming about buying one the day the car hit the market.
    SO when i was ready, money in the bank, sold my protege 5 for pretty good money, went in and bought a shiny cx5- full price. No discounts nothing. The MSRP price… I did not care because my previous mazda i kept for 10 years with no problems whatsoever, so i figured it ok to pay full price.
    That is how badly i wanted the car.
    Oh how i regret that decision now:
    Car is 4 month old, and i am already thinking about trading it in:
    -heat sucks
    -frost inside of the car in the winter
    -windshield wipers are below any category. windshield wiper fluid pipe froze in the winter along with the windows. wasn’t able to open them
    -how do you not have an option to lock the car after you start it in the winter? we tried and even if the key is not in the vehicle you can drive off? very safe hmmmm?
    – it is very stiff on the road. Very. And when you live in IL with a lot of potholes your baby can really suffer in the back.
    – my Bluetooth died.
    -Gas mileage is not even close to what is advertised.
    -doors open weird.
    – there is a plastic something on the bottom of every door which my son will break off as soon as he will be able to get out of the car by himself.
    – not at all roomy in the back. My protege 5 was bigger.
    Big mistake buying this car i think.
    the only thing i like about it is the look.
    We have to admit it, it is pretty cute.

  16. Mazda 2014 cx5 irritations:
    Window controls, as stated above need some more tactile delineation.
    Key fob: needs more tactile delineation.
    iPod integration needs massive improvement. It seems you cannot change the order of play from songs to albums to artists. (Will Mazda subscribe to Apple’s new CarPlay and can our systems be upgraded through some USB or BT software patch?)
    Arm rest 12v outlet needs to be changed so it is off when the car is off.
    Glove box needs a lock.
    I would love someplace to toss a few coins for tolls and parking meters.
    Mileage is way overstated. Granted I’ve only been driving 3000 miles, but averaging 24MPG in mixed highway/city is much less than advertised.
    As others have stated, limited rear and side visibility.

  17. Almost forgot. I have the Touring model and the heat is either off or on. The dial seems to make little adjustment between the extremes. And what is it with Mazda that they didn’t include a damper on the front dash air vents? they are there on the window vents, so the middle is always on at 100% of whatever the fan is set at.

  18. I bought my CX5 brand new in September of 2013. I have almost 10K miles on it now and 95% of the miles are highway. I am only getting about 22.7 MPG and I’m absolutely disgusted. I have tried the highest octane gas, I drive on cruise control, do the speed limit.. yadda yadda. I have contacted Mazda USA about this and they gave me the standard blanket answer of “MPG is based on Gov’t numbers… ” Well my MPG is not even hitting the Gov’t minimum of 24. I have filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Attorney General and I hope that Mazda will put on thier big girl panties and own up to their false advertisting. Take the car back and give me a full refund with all fees, taxes, etc… I’m so done with this buggy car.

    Oh.. and I have already had my Nav/Infotainment system replaced because of all the problmes. It still doesn’t work right. I find myself having to update the internal drive every other week. The bugs are a distraction while driving and infuriating.

    I regret purchasing this car. I would have kept my minivan(which got 23 MPG) and not had the car payment!

  19. @amy: I bought my CX5 brand new in September 2013 as well (Labor Day weekend). I have 11,000 miles right now and probably do 85-90% city driving. I am currently averaging 24.3 MPG. Aside from that though, I agree with you on the car. My backup camera just stopped working. The heat sucks. The car is noisy. The center console has started to squeak while driving. I am starting to regret this purchase.

  20. The main reason I went with an Outback over the CX5 was visibility. The rear window is as horrible as your pictures show, and side visibility is also dismal. The view out of the Outback is panoramic in comparison. I still think the CX5 is one of the best looking crossover out there.

  21. I Have a 2014 cx5 and I am pretty happy with the vechicle. Keeping in mind I still paid below $30,000 for the car I am able to get 26.5 mpg mostly hwy. some city….
    Some things Mazda could improve are: better vehicle insulation. Noisy on the freeway and very noisy if it rains. ( Previous vehicle VW Passat) Improve on the little details such as the rearview mirror poorly made and positioned, cheap floor mats that easily come off and better quality on the carpeting of the vechicle ( under floor mats and seats), improvement on weight capacity since 200 lbs in the trunk and the car sinks.

    For the rest it’s a fun car to drive and happy on gas mileage.

  22. I purchased a 2014 CX-5 GT in December of 2013. I have found many of the same things as the OP. The window lighting is bad. The USB hookup is bad. And the rear wheel space could be better designed. But honestly, I still love this car.

    In regards to the moisture on the inside of your windshield, it is coming from moisture trapped in the car. I had that happen a couple of times this winter when I dragged lots of snow into the car. Making sure that moisture was gone cured that issue. My fuel economy has been good. 24-25 around the city and as high as 31 on pure highway driving. Right what Mazda said and what I was expecting. I have no problem with rear visibility, heating, rattles, seats or anything. My last car was a Honda CR-V and I had a Subaru Outback before that. We also have a Toyota Sienna Mini Van for longer trips. I find the overall quality to be similar – if not better- on the CX-5 than those other cars.

  23. Full kudos to all of you try to get these lame automakers to fix their stupid mistakes.
    We have a 2014 CX 5 GT AWD 2.5L. As someone with an automotive background I have to give the vehicle credit for its handling, snow driving capabilities, it’s highway predictability, and road feel. Brakes are really good as well. Best ABS feel and controllability I’ve ever driven in a vehicle of this class. Other than that, let’s me list the major problems this vehicle has. I wonder if these issues are a prelude of things to come?
    1) The heat is totally lame! I can drive this car in 20 degree weather for a whole hour and the cabin never gets hot. Then all of a sudden it will get ripping hot. The service manager at our local Mazda shop told me there was nothing wrong with the heat because we had the A/C switch on simultaneously with the heat. I asked him how he tested it and he said he felt it with his hand. I was amazed that he can read temperatures with his hand. Can you believe that I had to ask him to use a thermometer to test this!Apparently this guy doesn’t know how defrost mode works in a vehicle. The owner of the dealership told me that he SERIOUSLY doesn’t see these problems with CX5’s. I told them that I wasn’t familiar with the parts of the heater on this car but that it felt like a blend door issue. Blend doors regulate fresh or recirculated air over the heater core inside the firewall on the passenger side therefore the blend door will close on cold settings and open up on hot settings. Whew! I almost sound like a know a little about these things. Anyway they denied the problem and wont look at the blend doors or controls.
    2) Don’t get me going on the cluster f*** of a radio/navigation/backup camera/Bluetooth enterstrainment system. We’ve had ours replaced three times because of no radio, no backup camera, no Bluetooth, no nav, etc. Yet amazingly Mazda denies these problems exists and as always we are the only people in the world having these problems.
    3) The lower front bumper cover or facia is so flimsy that the driving or fog lights flutter in the night while driving on paved roads. I’ve even had a Mazda rep tell me that I shouldn’t drive on rough roads? Really Mazda!!??
    4) Moisture on interior side of windshield and windows? Yup we’ve had that too! We’re even smart enough to use the car with the recirc off! So with a lack of heat the windows lock up as well.
    5) I’ve had numerous conversations with numerous Mazda customer service reps who have straight out lied and or had different stories. Amazingly I was told by one rep that the car is operating as designed. I asked them to tell me where it says that in the owners manual because the manual that we have tells you how the systems work. They don’t work as stated in the manual. I argued with them about all these problems and told them about the blogs on the internet after they denied the issues, they in fact never heard of any of these issues we were experiencing. Mazda is a real joke!!
    I even asked them about TSB’s (technical service bulletins) to repair these problems. I was told that unless Mazda releases TSB’s they will not fix the car. I stated, “how can Mazda have an engineering fix unless their customers give them feed back on problems”? No answer….

    Bottom line is we are done with this vehicle! 6 months and $30,000 later we still have all these problems, the dealer won’t fix them because they aren’t going to get paid by Mazda because there aren’t any TSB’s on these issues that everyone is complaining about. Oh! And by the way, we are lucky to get 25 mpg, Mazda blames it on the fuel additives! We previously had a 2010 Infinity G37X that was 320 HP all wheel drive that got 26 mpg! This will be the first and the last Mazda we will ever purchase again. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM off to trade in!

  24. I bought my CX5 (Maxx Sport), in January 2013. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and have never seen snow, or temperatures below -5°C). My average fuel consumption is 8.4 litres/100km, (32.96 mpg), around town and a few 100 odd km (65 miles) jaunts. My best is 2.5 litres/100km, (110.75 mpg), no not off the side of a cliff. Normally on a trip I get 4.5 litres/100km, (61.52 mpg), day in and day out, on a real bad day I only get 6.5 litres/100km, (42.59 mpg). I have NO trouble with Bluetooth, iPhone, USB, etc. connectivity. No squeaks or rattles. The best brakes in the business. They have saved my wife and I from certainserious injury or worse, 5 times so far, as has the handling control, and stability stuff. Not keen on rear visibility, but that’s the price of safety these days. The rear camera goes a long way to overcoming this problem. We have outside mirrors in Australia, so, no problem. The Cx5 tops the safety list in Australia. If you don’t know which button unlocks the car, top or bottom as seen from the key ring connection, well …… I don’t think you are the sharpest pencil in the box. The windows (and radio) being in-operable when the engine stops is a pain in the rear end, agreed. The car could be a foot longer for a bigger boot (trunk), which is a bit small having lived with it for over a year. Underpowered? Bah humbug. Bulls..t. Maybe you should have bought a turbo equipped car. Skyactive transmission can be a bit like others have said, but you can easily “row it” in those situations. One wonders what the big end and con rod bearings will be like in 50,000 km or miles, after the gearbox holding onto too high gearing trying to squeeze a few more km/miles from each drop of fuel. That’s why I use the manual (rowing) extensively, as I live in a very hilly area, and that’s not good on a cold engine. I use a USB key for my music, and that DOES remember the last track played. I have had none of the problems associated with cold weather, as said, we don’t get cold weather. The aircon in 45°C (110°F) is more than up to the job. What more can I say? It’s a a fantastic car, nearly as good as my 525,000km (323,113 miles), without the engine out or heads off! Still no rattles, and handles nearly as well as the CX5, but then, I can drive a car. The Rover is a great deal more responsive too, but, ya can’t beat cubic inches for torque, can ya? Maybe cars are manufactured differently for different markets, who knows?

  25. I bought a 2014 CX-5 Touring in August 2013, it has about 8,500 miles on it and so far I like it but it does have some minor details. For those of you with the rattling noise on the driver’s side, I heard the same noise after one week of buying it and drove me crazy. Found the noise coming from under the steering wheel, it was to pieces of plastic rubbing against each other, I shoved a piece of paper between them and it was fixed! hope that helps some of ya’ll.

  26. I have to ask is the front armrest driving anyone else crazy? Its too low and to far back. I can’t comfortably drive with my right arm on it.

  27. Bought new CX-5 in December 2013. During even mildest accelartion there is a vibration (not rattling) felt on the steering wheel, it has a frequency of about 50 vibrations / second. Although During idleing the engine is very quite. Also other problems mentioned by others e.g.very poor visibility, display does not go to night mode (this makes reversing very difficult at night), song shuffle is useless, auto engine off is annoying (it also wears out engine faster) and cant be turned off permanently, outside temperature gauge has lag of upto 4 hours (it was showing morning temperature at noon, 12 deg. Centigrade error). Why do they have grey lense for some turning indicators. frequently the headlight turns on when Turning the indicator lever.
    Overall I am not pleased with the car.

  28. We’re looking into buy a CX-5 and up until now I saw nothing but glowing reviews. If these reviews are from real owners, there’s no way in hell we’re buying this. Why are there so many positive positive reviews on sites like

  29. Don’t get me wrong, Mazda has done some seriously good engineering here. I took my CX-5 onto a racetrack and for a car that size, it handled superbly. But as a small company, I feel like Mazda missed a few of the “little things”. Things that you might take for granted in a Honda for example. But then, the CR-V doesn’t corner anywhere near as flat as this. In the sub-$30k market, there’s always one trade off or another. Best way to find out what you can and cannot live with is to take a long, detailed test drive.

  30. To Simon: I’m a real owner, and I think that most of the issues listed here are real. Personally I do get about 25 mpg with city driving, which is pretty good in my book. The reason why it looks so negative is because the post focuses on things that are wrong. If you asked me to write a review about the car in general, I would comment on the many good things as well. If given the choice again, I still think I’d pick the CX5. For the price it’s a solid car imo, it’s just that they could have made it so much better with so little effort. Definitely worth a test drive though.

  31. @ Simon – I agree with JoeS, most of the issues listed here are real. I suppose my issues with the car are things that my old car didn’t have issues with but I guess that is the trade off. My last car (Jeep liberty) felt a little bit more sturdy and produced much better heat in the winter but was absolutely TERRIBLE on gas and had such a short wheel base that winter driving when it was even a little icy was a nightmare. My biggest issue with the CX5 is heat production, but if you don’t live somewhere where it drops to -33 celsius (-31 F) then maybe it’s better. I haven’t experienced some of the other issues on here such as humidity and moisture.

  32. My wife and I bought a 14′ CX-5 in October everything was pretty good sar far except of the terrible infotainment system…its really slow and buggy, I notice with the passenger and driver side windows once lowered abit you can hear a slight rattle which becomes annoying. Also this one will be a first for all of you if you our rear seats make a noise when people are sitting in them and they shift their weight. Sounds like the rears seats are about to break, sounds like creeking/cracking…Made an appointment for mazda to handle the issue if possible which Im hoping they do.

  33. I got a manual shift base model Mazda CX-5 a year ago. It was under $23,000, and it gets over 30 mpg in the city (average 30.3 to 30.7 from day to day)- and it holds my tall teen boy kids and all their gear, and friends. It’s also very peppy if I need it to be. The size/cost/mpg figures are what keep me going in it, because the lack of visibility is something I notice every day, and it is a very rough ride. And, I too have locked the keys in the car a few times. For the money and for the mpg, though, I’m still glad I got it – I have a friend who got a Toyota Rav4 at the same time I got this, and she has the same visiblity problems exactly in that. I think that’s a problem of this whole design era. I’d like to hear from anyone else who got a standard shift.

  34. Well…I’m shocked and disappointed by what I have read here. I just picked up my ’14 CX-5 GS yesterday! It’s my first “brand new” car. I really hope that all of the issues mentioned don’t happen to me, but I’m not holding my breath! I used my nav today for the first time and for my first destination it was great! I told it where I wanted to go and I got there. When I wanted to return home, it wouldn’t recognize what I was saying and asking me to confirm destinations that didn’t sound anything like what I was saying. After the second attempt at getting the address right, it would shut down. Scarey thought!! I too live in a winter climate and would really appreciate heat and windows that don’t freeze up. I do agree with the “bugs” that Winston Moy mentioned. I just said to my husband today about the rear window obstruction.
    I guess I will just wait and see what happens. I may be back later this year complaining about the same things you all have!!! Wish me luck!!!

  35. Overall I like driving my cx-5. The inability to deal with windows after I switch off, is irritating. The Tomtom GPS fails often – the screen and arrow dances around while I am stationary. But I don’t care too much because I like to read maps rather than be bossed around by a voice. What irritates me the most is that the music system won’t display non-latin characters on-screen. I have music in Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese and Hindi. The titles are all displayed with asterixes. Mazda Australia says that they don’t import units capable of displaying these characters, despite the fact that Australia is an immigrant country. They won’t even import a Mazda unit for me to have installed here at my own expense! I guess I will have to go elsewhere for service.

  36. First off, I must say I LOVE my CX-5.
    (2014 CX-5 Touring AWD, purchased in December. Now with 9k miles)
    Yes, I was mildly disappointed with the cabin noise, key fob, poor lighting in the cargo area, lack of heat, moisture on the windows (But it was a REALLY bad and cold winter, remember).

    However there are SOOOO many other reasons why I like this car that I can deal:
    * GAS MILEAGE: I have taken this car on several roadtrips, but regularly drive in the city to/from work/activities. I average 25/26 in the city and about 29/30 on the highway — even with people and loads of camping gear. Reset your statistics and monitor your own driving habits. I’ve started shifting into neutral whenever I’m going downhill or approaching a light and it’s safe to do so…increased my avg MPG from 24 to 26. My previous car was a 2002 Ford Escape and that thing was a gas guzzler.
    *Drive-ability: How this car handles on the road amazes me! I got this car at the beginning of one of the crappiest winters in Michigan. The responsiveness of my car spared me from an ugly accident, and I felt SO safe (My Escape was also good, but the CX-5 seems to have a stronger stance). And…not to mention it is fun to drive!! Accelerating can be a bit of an issue, but I just switch to Manual and downshift when I’m in a pinch.
    *SPACE: Space and storage were two necessities for me in a car after having my Escape. This thing fits SOO much. I myself at 5’10” and have several friends who are 6’2″ +. They all fit comfortably – front and back seats.

    —other comments —
    *BLUETOOTH: …mine just went out. Apparently Mazda has recently (like a few days ago) issued a recall for this — the update takes 2 hours (gross), but they are at least attempting to fix the problem. Other than that, I haven’t had any other issues with this until a week ago – never had any calls drop, volume and sound quality are good, I stream my music this way, and it’s fabulous. Can’t speak for Nav. I think those systems are a waste. That’s what Google Maps is for!
    *LOCK MODE: There were a few surprises I found with this one…that being the possibility of someone driving off with my car. Wish I could lock it up while heating/idling. BUT as for all of you locking your keys in your car (silly, your car shouldn’t have to THINK for you, too). Change your lock mode and unlock mode settings in SET-UP and bring your fob WITH you.

    Here’s to hoping serious issues don’t come our way!

  37. Hi Winston,

    I was able to fix the headrest/visibility issue by getting OEM JDM headrests for the back seat. You can see the difference they make here:

    Ordering information has also been provided on that page. It took less than 3 weeks for me to receive them. Highly recommended.

    I have enjoyed my CX-5 so far. I came from a 2012 Kia Optima SX and went with a CX-5 for the AWD and surprisingly better MPG. I’ve had similar complaints with the non-illuminated driver door controls though. On my Optima they were all backlit in red. In this car, I am literally guessing or having to turn on the overhead lights just to see. My other big complain is the USB playback which you highlighted. In my previous car, a 16GB USB stick would load immediately… as opposed to a 3-5+ minutes.

  38. Bought our CX5 MaxxSport in Jun 13. Great car overall but do agree with it’s shortcomings as per Winston’s report. It developed a rattle/creak after 6 mths which drove me crazy. Asked the dealer to find the rattle (not really expecting them to be able to) and it ended up being loose cowel bolts. This might help those who have a similar noise. Cheers.

  39. Hi. I wish I had seen this site before I purchased my Mazda CX5 Touring.
    I don’t have a problem with my windows like some of you but recently my air conditioning messed up. I had it turned on because it was +28 and hot. The next day I jumped in and turned it off but it stayed on. The light was out but it wouldn’t stop blowing cold air. I had to turn the heat on because my windows started to frost up.
    I also don’t like the fact that I can not lock the doors when the vehicle is running. Wait… can lock it if you can get the damn key fob open and manually lock it with the key.
    The iPod hook up is very frustrating too. Also I Live in Canada and cannot get Pandora to work. I also own an iPhone and cannot download my text messages to the screen.
    I paid over $41,000 for mine and I didn’t get the $5000 upgrade with navigation and auto levelling headlights. I believe I got ripped off big time.
    I tried to trade it in when it had just over 6000 kms on it and I was offered $22,000 for it. I still owed 28,000. As much as I hated to I had to turn the offer down. When I purchased my CX5 I was lucky enough to have a $10,000 down payment. It took five years to save that up.
    Guess I am stuck with this piece of crap vehicle till then.

  40. I just read a post on here about a recall because of the Bluetooth. I just tried to find if the was one and on the recall site they have Mazda listed but no listing for the CX5.
    Would I call my dealership about the recall?

  41. I bought my CX-5 in November. First of all I love this car. Love the looks and love driving it. I do not have most of the complaints I see here. However, only yesterday, after just 8 months, a rattle developed in the dash. It’s driving me crazy. i have to commute to Washington D.C. each day and I do travel on some rough roads with pot holes etc. but my 2007 Honda CRV took that plus and I am still yet to hear a rattle or squeak from inside the cabin. I see from some previous posts that taking it back to the dealership and having them check it over might solve this. One person here indicated that they can put some extra padding in. Besides this, I feel like the brakes are a little choppy sometimes during the breaking process which started feeling that way to me a couple months ago. I don’t remember that when I first bought the car. Another thing I’ll need to have the dealer check out. Again, beautiful car, great pick-up, overall a joy and comfort to drive.

  42. WOW I can’t believe I am reading all these comments. I’ve been having all the same problems. I bought my CX-5 back in Sept of 2013 I drive a lot and have put 25,000 miles on it already.

    1.I commute to NYC from NJ everyday. The gas mileage on the car I was expecting higher but only get 26.1 mpg.

    2. The USB interface for my IPOD is awful. When I bought the car my IPOD worked fine. Then I upgraded my IPODs operating system and ever since then I get IPOD error. The car won’t even recognize it anymore. I use the bluetooth so I can actually use my ipod.

    3. The Smart active braking system failed me twice. One time when it worked I was park and a bush set it off. Since then my wife was parking the car in the driveway and smashed it right into the back of hers. The smart braking system should have worked. IT DIDN’T!

    4. Also my navigation system failed and I has to take out the chip and reinsert it to fix it. Now it works, sort of.

    5. The voice activation controls is appalling! I might as well be speaking another language. Call home…would you like me to call State Farm, NO Call home….would you like me to call Cheryl. CALL HOME!

    I don’t regret my purchase but there are a lot of things about this car that really annoy me and Mazda did make this car cheaply.

  43. I had hood fluttering and a skaking driver side mirror on my 2014 CX-5 that took several trips to the dealer to get fixed. The dealer was unaware of the TSBs that had been issued to fix the problems. While not 100 percent, both issues have been mitigated to where they’re not annoying. I can still see the hood bounce 1 to 2 mm when I hit minor bumps at highway speedsd (e.g., tar seams).

    Took my very low milage CX-5 in yesterday for its annual servicing and now the brakes squeal, which they did not do before the servicing. Going to take it back tomorrow so they can fix whatever they broke (probably related to the caliper greasing they performed).

    Also, the CX-5 had a buzzing noise coming from the dash that took three trips to the dealer to get resolved. Turned out the adjustable steering column lever was contacting the steeering column, which caused a vibration that led to the buzzing.

  44. Not surprised to find this post after doing some searching to see if people had the same problems I’ve had. First of all I love the fuel economy and the ride/handling. I’ve got no complaints there. However it seems like Mazda puts all their eggs in the handling/performance basket and forgot that in the year 2014 people also want functional, well thought out technology in their vehicles. I didn’t buy the upgraded trim model but I also didn’t buy the base model. Here are a few thoughts I have.

    1. For those with the rattling/vibration near the windshield, I found that it was the cover over the column between the windshield and the front side windows. Seems to have went away in the warmer months due to expansion of the material, however I had to fidget with it to get it to stop vibrating.

    2. I can’t get over how bad the bluetooth/stereo is. We got the 6 speaker with the touchscreen but no NAV. In this day in age there is no reason for such poor sound quality on a mid level trim package. The wattage coming out of the head unit has to be low and the speakers must be very cheap. no excuse for this nowadays. Bluetooth is laggy, slow, etc. Major delay when changing songs. Hit or Miss on reading info correctly from my android. It plays music automatically when it connects. It shouldn’t do this. I should have to start playback. USB functionality is useless unless you own an apple product. Poor layout of controls. But my biggest complaint is the cheap speakers and head unit. I’m probably going to upgrade this and the speakers.

    3. Unless I buy the minimum base level, they should have put in auto climate control. My base Prius has this! I hate fidgeting with the air constantly and it’s distracting while driving. To make you upgrade to a high trim level to get this is cheap on Mazda’s part. Same goes for automatic windows only being on the drivers side, etc.

    Mazda needs to step up their feature/experience offering in their mid level package and they need to improve their user interface on the infotainment system. It’s barely better than my 2005 Acura TL. I think they like to hang their hat too much on handling and performance but times are a changin!

  45. I had 2013 CX-5, 6-Speed Manual, Sport, Silver. No navigation, no camera just plain simple ‘Soul of Motion’ unique design.
    Bought July 2012 after learning that Mazda separates from Ford joint venture. CX-5 now manufactured in Hiroshima, Japan it only has atomic bomb residue. LOL
    Since southern California weather is closer in equator, I had no issues of cold weather problems. As of now no rattles on dash, no issues on doors.
    I’m so impressed on performance and power, gas mileage. Like from Riverside to Las Vegas @ 70 miles per hour gives me 45 miles per gallon. Its way better than my 1993 Honda Accord 4-door sedan, 5-speed manual, 28 mpg.
    Its a true hill climber, hills seems flat. I’d race against 6-cylinder, 8-cylinder and no other can’t challenge.
    Maybe I’m lucky with this one coupled with giving your tithes to God and he will take cares of little things for you.

  46. I have a 2015 CX-5 Touring FWD. I love it. Fun to drive. I don’t have the issues mentioned here. I don’t care about bluetooth connectivity (I use the AUX), so I can’t really comment on that.

  47. I just want to thank Winston for creating this blog & to everyone who posted their input and comments. I was seriously considering buying the 2015 CX-5 Touring AWD. The overall reviews have been great and the car is beautiful. However, after reading this blog and the real issues owners are having with this car, it doesn’t make sense to buy it. Looks like I will be going back to my original plan to get the Honda CRV.

  48. Hello, and thank you everybody for contributing this great blog. It is awesome idea to have a truly independent forum where real owners share their real experience. Majority of official and semi-official review pages are moderated and paid by various business entities (either “friendly” or “unfriendly”). So, here comes my turn.

    We have just had a test-drive of 2015 CX5-GT model yesterday night. This was our second test as we tried GS before. We love the design, superb driving experience (mind 2.5L engine in GT model) and amazing fuel efficiency (at least in the spec) of CX5. The car has also very impressive list of overall comfort features. We were ready to buy.

    There were only 2 doubts that popped:(1)while on the highway, I noticed driver-side mirror vibrating at higher speeds and the view becomes fuzzy. Very unpleasant and actually dangerous. Dealer assured us they are aware of this problem and fixing it for every car – so no issue; btw: I read somewhere about vibrating hood but have not experience it during test. (2)the seats: the headrests are not comfy or actually annoying; the backseats do not have sufficient recline (started thinking about our kids during longer drives).

    My wife said that I am too picky. I agreed. The dealer threw really nice incentives and we almost signed the papers but eventually decided to wait a day or two.

    When I found this (and few others) “by-real-owner” blogs, my enthusiasm cooled down a bit. I do understand that for the price of CX5 we cannot get everything top-notch although, I’d assume, mad-in-Japan would yield more in that area. My only and, I hope fair, expectation is that a feature available in the car should work reliably. Otherwise it should not be there at all. Reading stories about rear-view-camera or nav-system going down is definitely not encouraging. The same applies to dysfunctional mp3 player. Having said that, I can survive all of those.

    The thing I cannot let go easily is how this car operates in winters. Many people complain about weak/unreliable heating system, locked windows and moisture/ice inside. We live in Ontario, Canada and reading this blog made me thinking that CX5 may not keep up with our long and relatively cold (up to -30C/-22F) winter seasons. I am now set to find more on this subject. The car is so nice that we are still on the hook but I do not want to regret when the winter strikes in few months.

  49. Feel sorry for everyone who has a problem. I have a 2.2 turbo diesel cx-5. Great power and huge torque. Better engine than the turbo diesel BMW I had before and it handles really well on twisty roads. I live in Scotland and have never had the frost problems reported. My one gripe is no spare wheel in the UK spec. Nail through the tyre yesterday and a wait of a week before I can get the tyre size I need. I am currently getting 55mpg in day to day running and over 60mpg on a long run. The skyactiv turbo diesel makes for a quiet, refined vehicle. Can’t understand why Mazda don’t push the diesel in the USA. Think Canada has it?

  50. No, Canada does not have the diesel CX-5. It’s amazing, and disappointing, to read that the 2015 CX-5s still have a problem with the driver’s side mirror shaking at highway speeds. You’d think the Mazda engineers would have solved that defect by now.

  51. For those of you with dashboard buzzing coming from the driver side, get the dealer to check that telescoping steering column lever. Mine was contacting the steering column, which would cause buzzing in the dash. It took them a couple of tries to figure that out. Initially, they thought it was a loose speaker or speaker grill.

  52. For those of you with dashboard buzzing coming from the driver side, get the dealer to check the telescoping steering column lever. Mine was contacting the steering column, which would cause buzzing in the dash. It took them a couple of tries to figure that out. Initially, they thought it was a loose speaker or speaker grill.

  53. This is the first time I’m seeing anyone else talk about all the little annoyances of the CX-5! It’s like they took money-saving shortcuts everywhere. I also noticed the shaking sideview, poor fits on interior carpeting / seats, super-cheap feeling moonroof cover, missing lights for door switches. Don’t forget these too:
    • Useless little change nook to left of steering wheel where everything and anything falls out when you drive
    • No dash light to indicate if you have your fog lights on/off
    • Voice control has a total of like 5 commands for music/unit functionality, why bother?
    • Boring, dated looking interface design for head unit screens and functions

    I’ve never had a car with interior ice, though! I thought i was just spoiled because my last car was an Acura TSX. Don’t get me wrong, I do mostly love it, but it’s the little things that annoy over time. These are things that they’d hopefully refine and fix with each new version to make a great vehicle into an amazing vehicle.

  54. I don’t recommend anybody buy a CX-5. Although the vehicle itself is alright once you learn to live with the quirks, Mazda North America is a terrible company that should be banned from doing business in the United States. They don’t stand behind their vehicles, deny warranty coverage, and the dealership network is the worst I’ve ever experienced. I have 8000 miles on my CX-5 and have paid out of pocket for a new battery, rear brake rotors/pads, and an alignment that Mazda and three dealerships refused to cover under warranty (even with 50 miles on the odometer.)

    Most problems I’ve fixed myself after the dealers failed to diagnose and resolve them, such as a rattle from the glove box (turned out to be a loose cabin air filter) and “buzzing” from the engine compartment (cable rubbing against vacuum pump.)

    I would recommend anybody looking at the CX-5 simply buy a Subaru Outback\Forester instead. They aren’t as pretty but Subaru stands behind their vehicles and some are even manufactured in Indiana. The sad part is this wasn’t my first Mazda, but it will be my last.

  55. Hi Folks

    Your issues are not unique to the CX5, the Mazda 6 also has a number of issues. As with the CX5 the 6 has the same awful infotainment system fitted, intact I would go as far as to say this is the worst system on the market. Has the same wind noise issue and Mazda UK have said this will not be resolved. I also have annoying rattles on my car and after being in 4 times for the same rattle, the dealer told me that Mazda say certain rattles are acceptable. Sorry Mazda but they are not and neither is the customer service you provide or the crap build quality.

    Lesson learnt and I will never get another Mazda or recommend it to any one else.

    One last thing, I have had the upgrade for the infotainment system and it has made the issue worse than it was before.

  56. Regarding the infotainment system – do they have updates available for it that consumers can download and update themselves, or is the whole system what it is? The whole “plug in your phone, hit iPod and wait 25 minutes for it to load the music” is very annoying. Why can’t it just start playing right away?

  57. I would love to know what you all think is a better CUV for $21k that drives and handles like the CX-5 does. I guess if you are more focused on whether or not the door lock switches have backlighting or if there’s a foam caddy in the spare tire well for your sneakers (wtf are you serious with this?)then maybe the CX-5 isn’t for you. I think it’s a good choice for enthusiasts who actually enjoy DRIVING and don’t lose sleep over whether or not the change holder is deep enough. Mazda focuses on the DRIVING experience first. I’m sure the CR-V or Forester or RAV4 may very well have some backlit switches the CX-5 doesn’t or a padded sneaker holder in the spare tire well, but who cares? All of those and pretty much EVERY other compact SUV on the market SUCKS to drive. Overboosted novocaine numbe steering, sloppy barge-like handling. If lights and cubby holes are your thing, then perhaps you should get one of those soulless grocery getters. Me? I’m be too busy clipping apexes on a lovely mountain road and heel-tow downshifting with the superb manual transmission and enjoying the hell out of the Miata of SUV’s to worry about whether or not my door light indicator tells me if it’s the right or left door that’s ajar. Wake up and DRIVE…

  58. I don’t know what you think the CX-5’s price is, but the mid-level version and the cheapest you can get the 2.5L for is 26-27k. You can’t even get a Nissan Rogue for the price you’re talking about. Yes, I know some of my issues may seem petty. But my point is that those things could have been fixed for like $5 at the factory, but Mazda just didn’t bother. Then you have the infotainment and blah blah blah…

    Trust me, I did wake up and DRIVE (in all caps). .

    I do appreciate what Mazda’s brought to the table, just needs some refinement. Speaking of which, the same year Mazda 6 (base level trim, same chassis family) has higher quality controls, knobs, etc on the center console.

  59. Lets be realistic….I’ve owned many vehicles both American and Japanese through the years. Each of them have had their little quirks. I bet if you search any forum like this for other vehicles you will find issues unique to those vehicles. Stuff happens.

  60. My Mazda CX-5 squeaks inside the car. The maintenance dept said it was the seat belts. NOT. Now I am told there is a problem within the doors. More FOAM is needed inside the panels. Has anyone heard about this? I was told I must leave it overnight and Mazda will Rent me a car.

  61. We’ve had our CX5 for a couple of months, 2,000 miles. Its the Sport, 175bhp auto. Great performance and if you don’t go mad it comfortably does 47mpg in mixed driving. We got 54 mpg on one run, still doing 60mph on open roads!
    To answer some criticisms:

    1. You can open and shut windows at any time without turning on the engine. Press the Start button once (don’t touch the pedals) activates the sterio etc. press twice to activate all other electrical services including the windows.

    2. Rear visibility isn’t great, but typical of lots of vehicles. Try removing the middle head rest if your not using it. The reversing camera & sensors are great

    3. We don’t have a sunroof so can’t comment.

    4. You get the styrofoam tray in the UK (but no spare wheel).

    5. The 6 speed auto works seamlessly on the 2.2 diesel. It always appears to have the right gear available and kick down give rapid acceleration for passing. 0-60 in just over 9 seconds AND 47 mpg sounds good to me.

    6. The UK version tells you which door is open.

    7. I’ve used the phone for music “just to try it.” But why use your phone? Load all your music as high quality MP3 to a small memory stick. I used a SanDisk 16GB Cruzer (very small) which takes over 2,000 tracks. You have 3 variations of shuffle, playlists etc available on the car’s stereo settings. It takes a minute or so to read and index the 5/600 tracks I have loaded so far and only does that the first time after plugging in the usb.

    8.Not used it in cold conditions yet, but my Honda does just the same in extreme cold.

    9. No problem with door mirrors vibrating, or rattles from the dash. Perhaps they have sorted that now.

    In summary, after 2 months we are more than satisfied. I guess there will always be things to improve, but we had a Freelander before and the Mazda is a much better drive, it’s faster, uses 50% less fuel and costs 1/2 as much to tax in the UK. (The diesel Freelander cost well over £2,000 in repairs in 46,000 miles, LandRover refused to replace the turbo under guarantee “because the car may have had petrol put in it at some time” and bits of trim dropping off were the norm). We considered a Honda CRV, very nice, but not as good to drive and several £1,000 more for the same spec.

  62. Ice inside your car?!?!?! Here is a tip for you … run the AC with the temp hot to clear your inside windows, don’t just run the defroster. It will take the moisture out, not just remove it from the window and leave it inside the cabin.

    Foresters are not a good example of a car without small problems. Yeesh, ours had so many it was just expected after awhile. Trim popping off drivers side compartment, carpet splitting by drivers foot, compass/mirror NEVER working (replaced twice by Subaru, those numbskulls). Seat-down latches rattling, headrest in the way when trying to put seats down to load big objects. Infotainment system is caveman. back seat could not fit 3 adults on way to funeral, had to use another car. All sorts of stuff. But I still enjoyed the car. I think many expect perfection from theor car, when Consumer Reports shows a Benz has a ton of problems too.

  63. I too have the UK version, and I’ve not suffered from some of these quirks. I have the 2litre Petrol version as I don’t do enough milage for diesel to be economic.

    ebven the se-l entry level model has all the mods.

    windows styay active until door opened.
    no rattling and I live in a really bad road area.
    no condensation that I can detect.
    really good economy and punchy performance from the motor, but the revs need to be up.
    no mirror wobbles.
    front and back fog light indicators.
    all doors identifiable on open indicator.
    all windows have auto up.
    boot tray as mentioned above in fact looks the same as the Forrester on shown.
    nonsparevwheel but a puncture kit, and 3 years breakdown assistance to boot.
    seats and firm and won’t suffer fatigue like my Novara did over years.
    carpets all fitbwell, although our hondas carpets go up further under the dash. no biggy but it is a corner cut.

    its not all good though.
    media system is poor, I too use a USB. but the Bluetooth is slow to connect.
    there are much better voice activated systems out there.
    the commander multiswutch could do with volume function.
    high wind noise at speed.

    one of the main reasons I bought this no over the rest was the mods.

    also intriednthe sport, and on bad roads itbswims with those big 19 inch wheels. son the meaty 17inch stock model sits and rides cleaner. also less curb rim grind cos the profile is taller.

    all cara have quirks, I would still recommend this model.

  64. @ Winston if you re-read Ryan’s comment, he’s talking about the manual transmission model, which is the base model. I have this exact model as well and paid exactly what he stated: $21K. It doesn’t have as much power as the 2.5 liter but it still has ample power depending on the speed and situation and gear your in. Plus the ability to be in complete control of the transmission allows you to get more power and fun out of it than you would with the 2.0 liter automatic and is more engaging to drive. Given how sorted the chassis and transmission is for a CUV, plus the comfort and utilitarian qualities afforded by it being a CUV, at $21K make this a really incredible value, to the right person. Personally I love the handling of small sporty cars, but possibly because I’m tall I feel claustrophobic in them, so for me the CX-5 was a perfect fit.

  65. Fair point. If my old CR-V w/160 HP had a manual shift mode, I would have been a lot happier with it. I was fixated on the “higher-mid range” side of the market because I wasn’t willing to go any lower than 175 HP.

    I’m a little torn actually, I would love to get a smaller, sportier car but I really don’t want to downsize if this is going to be my only vehicle.

  66. I’ve been driving my wife’s 2014 CX-5 while my 2006 Ford Falcon (Australian family sedan) is in for a service.

    The CX-5 turns heads alright, while the Sky-Active 2.5L engine and 6-speed auto are, to my mind, a most excellent feat of engineering.

    Sadly, the CX-5 is let down by so many irritations that I can’t remember them all at once. Worst of all is the suspension and steering. On an imperfect road my spine is battered and my head is tossed around like a rag doll. Also, it’s plain hard work steering a straight course, even on a freeway.

    I keep seeing reviews that rave about how nice a drive the CX-5 is. Those people must have a different kind of CX-5! All I can say is that for me, every little journey is a strain on my brain and body.

    Thank goodness I’ve got my Ford Falcon back. It’s quiet, comfortable, and effortless to drive all day.

  67. What size wheels and tyres are fitted?
    The 19″ wheels aren’t as comfortable as the smaller wheels on imperfect surfaces and while we find they are fine on major roads, they give a choppy ride on minor roads and tracks. Having said that, I’ve driven a Honda CRV on 19″ wheels and that suffered even more than the Mazda on big wheels.

  68. Thanks for that interesting comment, Phil. However these are only 17″ wheels (with Geolander tyres). By the way, even from new, the steering wheel was off-centre and the 4-wheel alignment was out! Maybe we’ve got a lemon?

  69. My Mazda CX-5 is a great vehicle. Granted, I found this blog post while trying to find some information about the USB system for the radio, and I wish that the system would be more like the Ford Sync system, but Ford spent a lot of money to get that system. Mazda is pretty much independent, and has to be careful with spending a lot of money. I can live with the system.

    I don’t seem to have any of these wind problems, or maybe I’m just not that picky about it. It’s a great, solid vehicle that gets about the same mileage as my 2011 Mazda 3 with the 2.0L engine. No complaints AT ALL!

  70. Hi all, I have a 2014 CX5 Sport Nav that has also had USB issues but I found that by only having 3 layers (Artist/Album/song) on my USB stick, performance is much better and playback now resumes to the selected song on startup once USB has been reselected.
    Hope this helps.

  71. Hi Folks. I’ve just fitted a bumpy rubber cover over the steering wheel. So instead of needing a continuous tight grip on the CX-5’s slippery leather wheel, now it’s easy to steer with a light fingertip touch. Huge improvement!

  72. @Tony Taylor.. your method’s not working.. i did what you said about the 3 layers, on/off the car and it starts from track 1 still.

  73. @Tony Taylor.. if only that simple. My disappointment is only for the USB. The rest of the car is OK in my opinion. I don’t usually sweat the small stuff, but the not-resuming playback is really a nuisance. I hate the first track song already. It’s Green Day 21 Guns. I wish I have 21 Guns and shoot whoever responsible for this lousy audio on CX5.

  74. I bought my 2014 CX-5 Touring in March of 2013. I have driven it for about 28000 miles as of January 2015. Here my my chief complaints.
    1.) Visibility – the wide front ‘A’ pillar creates a pretty big blind spot when pulling out into traffic. On coming traffic can be hidden in it for quite a distance. You need to move your head to change your line of vision to be certain there is no oncoming traffic, particularly from the right. The ‘B’ pillar is also quite wide and depending on the placement of the front passenger seat it creates another huge blind spot. I am quite used to these issues, but I get nervous letting my 17 year old daughter drive the CX-5 and when I do are remind her of these issues and to be careful.
    2.) In freezing weather the windows can and do freeze shut. Once the car warms up the can be opened. It’s quite annoying as I park outside and often smoke little cigars…
    3.) The headlights on low beam are aimed to low. Driving on dark back country roads is where this is most evident. High beams are great.
    Other than that my mileage averages at 25.7 mpg. Overall it’s a great fun to drive, practical and economical vehicle that is great in snow and and rain. I paid $26k and got 0.9% financing.

  75. My 2013 CX5 rear windshield just shattered into to a million dime sized pieces after I shut it. It is -30 with the windchill here but seriously shattering????? Anyone else ever have this happen?

  76. Totally agree with the A-pillar blind spot comment. I almost ran over a pedestrian when I was turning left at an intersection because he was hidden behind the A-pillar. I now peak around the A-pillar when turning left at an intersection.

  77. Heating/cooling is without a doubt terrible. That’s what brought me to this thread. As an Ontario resident,-17 c today, idled car for 10 mins and drove to work 20 mins. Car still cold, windshield still fogged/iced up. Cold cold cold car. Have to put the heat all the way up to the top before anything seems to come out at all and then, still cold for a long time.

    In the summer I complained to service that when I just wanted to use the fan, the air did not shut off, continually frosting up my window. Dealer told me that’s how it works. D’uh.

    Previous car was a Dodge Caravan and honestly, the heat and fan would dry my hair on the way to work it was so strong.

    This is a huge issue for northern residents. Deal breaker really. Also have same issues with the Bluetooth, but don’t use the USB, and don’t have GPS installed.

  78. I love nearly everything about my Mazda CX-5. I purchased it in April 2014 and it’s been nothing but a joy to drive. The transmission, the gas mileage, all the way down to the technical and audio system has impressed me.

    The gas mileage is the most impressive, and I’m usually very heavy on the acceleration. When I drive my normal way, I get around 29.5 MPG, and that’s in the hills and mountains along the Northern Front Range of Colorado. When I really behave over a week or so, the average goes as high as 34 MPG. I’ve never believed the EPA Estimated MPG on the window, but this is pretty close.

    The technical side gave me a few MAJOR fits at first. Using the Bluetooth to play music seemed to be really difficult. Every time I would get in the car, it would start playing the same song. It just happened to be the first song in alphabetical order. If I deleted this song from iTunes, it would re-download it! If I was playing Spotify when I got out of the car, it would switch to iTunes when I started up again. It WAS extremely frustrating… UNTIL…

    I figured out what the issue was. I was using the USB provided in the car’s center console to charge my phone and the Bluetooth to play music/use the phone. When I would get back into the car, the radio would connect to the phone via the USB and select the audio from iTunes. Since the USB is much faster than the Bluetooth on connecting and establishing communication, the USB request would win out. This is why when Bluetooth finally got through it’s connection process, it would start playing at the top of my iTunes list. Simply plugging my phone in with a charge cord to the 12-volt receptacle (i.e. cigarette lighter plug) and not using the built-in USB solved the issue! It does EXACTLY what I expect it to do now.

    An issue I can’t figure how to change is the transmission’s automatic downshift in manual mode. I’m not talking about the engine-stall-saving downshift that happens when you forget you’re in manual mode and come to a stoplight. I’m glad that’s there. It’s the downshift that occurs when you slam the gas pedal to the floor and feel that “click”.

    In automatic, this is a great feature! I’ve used it many times to get around a slow driver. BUT, it still does this automatic downshift when in manual mode, which is stupid. Imagine, if you will (and maybe you don’t have to imagine so much), that you are at a stoplight and need to accelerate very fast. The reasons for having to do this will remain… well, my own reasons… If you’re last car was a manual-only sports car, you tend to back off the gas just a touch when your shifting. So, you go through first gear, shift into second and slam on the accelerator. The “click” thing at the bottom of the travel automatically shifts you BACK into first! BAD JUJU! The engine immediately goes to redline, and therefore into governing, and you slow down REALLY FAST. It happens so quickly that you have to look down at the indicator and find that you’re BACK IN FIRST and your at 7000 RPM!!!! It’s happened to me more than once.

    If a transmission advertises itself as having a “manual mode”, besides things that will hurt the engine or make you stall, I think it should leave it fully up to you. Especially while accelerating!

    Other than that tidbit, I still absolutely love my CX-5. I love it so much that we will likely replace my wife’s kid-hauling Honda Odyssey minivan with a CX-9 later this year.

  79. I bought my 2015 CX-5 AWD Grand Touring in December 2014. I have not gotten good gas mileage yet, but there is only 650 miles on the car so far. I sure hope it improves. My one HUGE complaint is the USB operation. This is a big deal to me since I have my music on ALL the TIME. My dealership knew nothing of the issues. I don’t understand why people don’t see how great this would be if it worked. I put all my songs on a flash drive, stick it in the car and don’t worry about it. I have my collection with me at all times and no battery drains, it is out of site, and I can use multiple USB keys to swap in and out if I want to separate by genres. If Mazda does not fix this, I will never buy another Mazda again. I paid top dollar and I expect top dollar operation. Other car manufacturers audio systems can handle this. Why not Mazda? First, they stopped offering the 5 door in the Mazda 6 and I had premature rust on my Mazda 6. I replaced that car with the CX-5 and I can’t fall in love with the car because the gas mileage is no where near the city rating and the USB issues. I am leasing so I will be looking for a new vehicle in 3 years. Nice job Mazda! NOT!

  80. So what’s the problem with the USB? Works just great in our car with the Bose audio system.
    We were getting around 50mpg in the summer, in winter freezing conditions and shortish journeys its in the low 40s. Thats on a 2.2 litre diesel, 175bhp, auto gearbox setup.

  81. USB key does not resume after engine is turned off. Takes a long time to load if there are a lot of files and goes to first song every time. I don’t want to fiddle with it every time I get into the car. Plus, the shuffle is not truly shuffling either as it does the same pattern of songs. This is simple programming. I am a programmer, I know! Just fix it Mazda!

  82. Anyone having a problem with gas mileage on the 2014 CX5 GT AWD? I fill up and mileage range says around 310-330 and i am only getting 280-285?? The MPG is MUCH lower than advertised also. My computer says i am getting 19.0?? Thats ridiculous

  83. I want to check in with an update.
    Mileage: I have the base model standard shift. My 16-year-old drives it now more than I do, and with that in mind, it’s still getting over 29 mpg with all city miles, so I’m impressed with that.
    Audio: I saw a note about the USB connection and wanted to say that it is designed to work with Apple products, so if you are using something else it won’t work as well. I still can’t figure out how to program the radio present buttons.
    Windshield: Ours cracked when we had an extreme temperature change, ice to parking in the sun. Once I had the moisture problem mentioned.
    Ride: Very rough. But it’s a base model, so I didn’t expect anything different.
    Fabric: Very hard to clean. I wish I had gotten a more upscale model sometimes, but then my sons wouldn’t be learning to drive a shift, I couldn’t afford more than that at the time, and my son is now 6’3″ – anything else for the price would have been a tiny box that he couldn’t fit in.
    All things considered, I’m OK with it – but I have to keep telling myself that, so… Hm. Thanks all–K

  84. Issues with the infotainment have been addressed with the 2015 model which sees the adoption of the Mazda MZD system from the 3 which came later. Also better lights and sound insulation.

  85. There’s a problem with upper management at Mazda Canada I’m sure. The manager at our local dealership is a real weasel (no offence to the animals), and I’m suspecting Mazda likes it that way based on some on the complaints I’ve filed.

    One of those being rattling noises in the dash since day one — still not resolved.

    I don’t find this car very cheap. I find the compromise for supposed fluel efficiency totally not worth it.

    Another thing on the controls for windows and locks, is that there’s no lights there. After two years, when I’m picking someone up, I can’t find the unlock button without turning on the cabin lights.

    Backing up is always dubious. The visibility sucks.

    Handling is amazing and the only thing I actually enjoy about this car. We bought it, and that was a HUGE mistake.

  86. My nephew and his wife bought the exact same CX-5 that I have, even the same colour, but a 2015 (mine is a 2014). They don’t have the shaking hood and driver’s side mirror problem that I had. Luckily, I haven’t had any other problems with my CX-5 although the hood still bounces slightly when I hit minor bumps (like a tar seam) at highway speeds.

  87. Rear door hatch not closing correctly? My 2014 CX-5 AWD Touring with 22,000 miles has been a great vehicle for the NW. Suddenly experienced the rear door hatch not closing reliably – a clunky sound when unlocking with the remote, and needing to be more intentional with closing the door with 2 hands. If not careful, the “Door Open” icon may light up. Had dealer clean out the dog hair in the mechanism but still doesn’t seem right. Any experience/advice here is appreciated.

  88. for those with 2013 and mid model 2014’s with complaints of shaking hoods,mirror,and buzzing noise from steering. mazda has service bulletins for this issue, and was released over a year ago with the repair needed. your dealer should know about it. if not that dealer has got some crappy techs or a bad service dept. as for the usb yea it does suck but this was mazda’s first attempt at a comprehensive info/bluetooth setup. no manufacturer makes there own audio/bluetooth units, they hire vendors to make them, but i guess its their fault for choosing a crappy system though, because they have to wait for the vendor to make a firmware upgrade and that takes a while sometimes.
    S2 for your rear hatch problem just take it back to the dealer tell them the problem still occurs, they should replace the latch. unless the latch has dog hair inside the motor gears, they might say its not covered because mazda might kick it back if they find dog hair inside it. if you are a regular customer and have most of your services with them the dealer will usually cover the part under warranty for you, just to make sure they get a good survey.

  89. I had the service bulletins for the shaking mirror and hood applied. It took a few trips to the dealer since back in late 2013, they they were having a tough time finding the service bulletins. Both problems are better but not totally fixed. At highway speeds, I can still see a bit of vibration in the driver’s side mirror and the hood will bound about 1 mm when I hit tar seams at highway speeds.

    The initial buzzing I had in the dash was fixed by adjusting the telescoping steering lever, which was contacting the steering column and causing a harmonic in the dash. It took them a few tries to figure that one out.

    I haven’t heard if the “revitalized” 2016 CX-5 has any problems. My nephew and his wife bought a 2015 GT which is the exact same colour as my GS. They didn’t have any of the problems I had.

  90. Three weeeks to obtain a replacement windscreen for our new CX5.
    Stone chip on the screen which spread to a 50 mm crack after 45 miles in our new car.
    Not acceptable in my book!
    Why is there a shortage of windscreens in the UK??
    Explanation would be good.

  91. My back windshield imploded in the cold. I live near Toronto canada but had to wait for one in Utah usa to get it replaced and had to pay for it. Not acceptable neither. Won’t buy another one, customer service is very poor.

  92. I recently purchased the Mazda CX5 Maxx 2014 model. 2.0 litre manual.

    My biggest gripe is that the side mirrors do not have inbuilt heating and so persistently fog up rendering them useless even in the mild winters that Australia has.
    This makes me feel very unsafe driving the car in the morning as I am unable to use the side mirrors in situations where I would like to merge or change lanes!
    I was willing to live with this little annoyance until I realised that even if I got up and wiped the side mirrors prior to driving off, they would still fog up while I was on the highway!

    I was willing to ignore the other issues like a woefully underpowered engine (I wonder what gear number 6 is for?) but the side mirror thing is a safety issue.

    My other car-a kia rio 2006 model, has heated side mirrors!!! No matter how fogged up they are when I hop into the little fella, they just clear up within 30 seconds of me starting turning on the in-car heater!

    Time to take this CX-5 back and ask for another car!

  93. I am leasing the 2014 CX-5 sport and I started the lease in March of 2013. Over all I like to drive the car. I needed a car that sat up higher and wasn’t hard to get in and out of due to back problems. This is the perfect height. Much easier than my little Scion Tc I used own. I also have been getting a steady 29 miles per gallon. When I first got it I was around 32-34 but it has stayed steady at 29 for over a year now and I do city driving mainly mixed with highway. I also have stick shift. Now on to the issues. I am leasing the bare minimum model. Nothing fancy, no moon roofs, no heated seats/mirrors, no bluetooth etc. Basic.

    1) The 6 speed is not my favorite stick to drive at all. First gear is non-existent so I feel that I spend about .5 seconds in it before I have to shift to second. When on the highway when in sixth gear I feel I have to downshift after slowing down for traffic when I I shouldn’t. It probably is one of the most frustrating sticks I have driven in my entire life and I learned on a beat up VW in 1996 at the age of 16. This is the reason I will be handing the car back to the dealer and not purchasing. The stick is terrible.

    2). Also big note. I got this car brand new off the lost. It had 23 miles on it when I signed the lease. I had to take it back in the first month because it kept popping out of third gear when I was driving down the road. Just POP and then engine would then rev. Took about 2 times back and forth to the dealer to get Mazda to finally replace the whole transmission as it was “bad”. They stated it was a known problem even though the techs could never re-create the problem. Thankfully it was fine as soon as it was replaced.

    3) Within the first month of owing the car a rock hit my windshield and it chipped. About a year later another rock hit the windshield again and the second chip appeared. Both are still there and haven’t spread (even after 2 very frigid winters and lost of snow) but the windshield cracks easily. A rock also hit the side of my car shortly after the one hit my windshield in the first month of leasing and left a nice mark on my car. This car dings easily.

    4) I have taken all of the head rests off as they are really terrible blind spots. I don’t have many passengers so when I do I just put them back in.

    5) The car does seem to take a long time to warm up in the winter and the defrost isn’t the best. I have not had the issue with moisture on the inside but I do have an issue getting the deicer to work effectively when really could out.

    I was pondering trading in for the newer model that is an automatic with a few more upgrades so I’ll be looking to see if the Bluetooth issue has been fixed. If not I’ll have to find something else next March to drive. All in all it id a decent car but

  94. Try cleaning the mirrors with RainX.
    We have the 2.2 litre 175bhp diesel auto. Bags of power, 50mpg, guess you chose the wrong engine.

  95. Why not get into the habit of starting off in second gear? We had a Freelander which was difficult to restart if you had to stop on a steep hill while pulling a 1 tonne trailer. The low first gear would have been the answer to this problem. Our 2.2 diesel CX5 is an auto and is incredibly smooth and quick to change down for overtaking and yet does 50mpg. Overall, after 1 year we are very impressed.

  96. Is anyone experiencing windshield issues? I am on my 3rd cracked windshield in 8 months. Just the slightest gravel chips seem to crack the windshield. The last time it was 4 weeks before they could get a windshield–stating that they were on back order. Very frustrating to continually have to deal with insurance company–as well as dealing with their “preferred” glass replacement provider. Total disappointment.

  97. YES! Oh my god, why didn’t I read this (or think to) 4 months ago before leasing a 2015 CX5. Not a Grand Touring, but 1 step down. Where do I begin? First off… I live in Los Angeles, so no ice/snow problems here. Just drove through a torrential down pour and the wipers couldn’t go fast enough. No biggie, it’s the first torrential down pour I’ve experienced in a dozen years. So moving on… I previously had Honda Civics (3) and wanted to upgrade to a CUV. My mom has a Honda CRV and loves it. I love it. Why oh why did I want to be different?

    1 – I leased this from a newly opened dealer and the sales guy (for another company) didn’t know squat about this car. I asked him what this and that button does and his response was I don’t know. Great, thanks. I guess I’ll figure it out.

    2 -Music. Bluetooth/USB. Music is a 24/7 thing for me. I don’t want to wait 5-10 minutes for my bluetooth to connect. Why do some times take 30 seconds and other times take 5 minutes? Also, if it was playing a song and I turned the car off mid-song… when I turn the car back on, it either a) continues b) goes to the 1st song on the playlist (shuffle problem) or c) if I was listening to a podcast that got interrupted, it will start up at that 1st song (no longer the podcast). The shuffle problem is a problem. If I wanted to listen to my songs A-Z, then I would program a playlist to play that way. Oh and why is the volume on my iTunes so low (phone turned up all the way) that I have to turn the car volume up to 20-30 something, but turn it back down before I blow my speakers (and eardrums) to listen to the radio. WTF.

    3-Voice Control. This sucks, sucks, sucks. I don’t want to go through 5 prompts (someone above mentioned) to call someone, change the radio format, etc. The CRV, you program your speed dials (up to 20?), hit the call button and say “mom” and it calls. Not “Phone, Call (2 second pause), Mom (2 second pause) and have it ask me who I want to call, then wait 2-3 seconds, come back and give me NOT mom. Then I have to hang up and start all over, which at this point the hands free option is out the window cause I can dial it from my phone faster. Also, when i do finally get lucky (rarely) and it understands the name of the person I’m calling, I don’t want to hit the button AGAIN to call. Isn’t voice control supposed to be hands free essentially? If switching from FM1 to FM2… if I say change mode, I still have to wait 2-3 seconds, then say FM2, then have to hear it repeat. Yes dammit. That’s what I said.

    4-text messages. Not sure if anyone has this option, but when I first got the car and I’d get a text message, the screen would display that I have a new message and prompt me to download it (or not). I’d select download and it would show downloading and then complete. I’d go to read the message and it would give me an error saying there was something wrong and it would have to download 15 previous messages. But wouldn’t. Nothing downloaded. It was broken or partially hooked up? Don’t know. I took it to service and they nodded their head at all my complaints saying yup, uh huh, there’s no fix for it now.

    Lastly… someone else mentioned it above. Forgetting to close windows sometimes right after you turn the car off. Here, as soon as that engine is off, you can’t do a thing to any windows without turning it back on. Not even the auto up. Also, what happened to the auto-close on the moon roof? It has an auto open, but you can’t close it? Dealer says “Safety issue so people don’t get hands stuck”. What? They’ve had auto-open/close sunroofs for 20 years.

    I’m stuck with this mofo for 3 years. Ugh… can’t wait til it’s over and Honda all the way.

    Drives good, looks good. It’s 2015, almost 2016. Really?

  98. You don’t need to restart the engine if you want to close or open the windows while stationary. Just press the START button twice (once lets you do lesser functions, e.g. sound system) without your foot an the brake pedal.

    We put all our music onto a memory stick which is left plugged in. Mazda have just updated our Bose audio system to improve the SHUFFLE function which used to always start on the same track. Only done yesterday so I can’t say how effective it is yet. It’s a great sound system, far better than mine.

    I agree that the voice recognition isn’t good, however overall I think it’s a great car (its my wife’s), delight to drive, excellent fuel economy and I would find it very difficult to choose between the CX5 and my car which is a Honda.

  99. We had three windscreens on our Freelander within a few months. The second and third failure was due to bad fitting by the insurer’s service provider.

  100. I agree with you on the crappy sound system which comes with the cx-5. I paid a premium for this and this is what I get?? However, there is a service update for the audio system. It came out in February 2015 and it helps with the audio system. I too have a lease and I am stuck with it for another 3 years, but it does have great handling and the gas mileage is very good for this type of vehicle. The update to the audio system improved the usb function, which is what I use. The next time I get a new vehicle I will test out the audio system before I buy it so that I don’t experience the frustration I have felt about this car. I too am a music person and can’t drive without it. Mazda you can do better!

  101. Mazda have released a new module for the (Bose, possibly all) CX5 sound system. We have 1,000+ sound tracks on a USB memory stick permanently plugged in. Previously the sound system always started with the same track. Now it continues from where you left off, i.e. if you select an album and stop the car half way through, it continues from where you left off when you restart. If you have selected “shuffle” you get a new selection of music without having to repeatedly having to press shuffle after playback has started.
    The module was replaced free of charge at the vehicles first service.

  102. Hi I’ve had a cx5 from July 2014 and am very surprised to see some of the comments on fuel economy I’m a Hgv driver not a boy racer how ever I never be leave in hunting any motor cycle or car or truck up through the gearbox but at the same time not driving like a dork and I get driving urbin or motorways 44.7 m.p.g of which I’m very happy with the only thing I’ve had problem with is my inside sensor when setting alarm if I don’t switch it off it goes off other wise I’m very happy with the vehicle

  103. Hi R.G. What engine do you have? We have the 175bhp diesel, auto gearbox. I recently got 64mpg on a run. Yes, ideal conditions, little traffic, steady 60mph, few hills, but still brilliant in my opinion. We usually get around 50mpg in mixed driving.

  104. I bought a 2014 CX-5 GT AWD as soon as it came out and commented on a number of blogs regarding these same annoying little deficiencies that make you wonder who the value engineer at Mazda was. 1. The post-shutoff window control and sunroof control is a pain. Every other car has one. I should have 30 seconds or so to adjust the windows and sunroof without having to re-tap the start button twice to do it and then once again to re-shutoff. 2. I so miss illuminated window buttons and door lock buttons. Such a pain to search for these at night.3. I don’t have the problems that other commentors have had with the radio. The USB connects to my iPod and allows me to use the UI to search by song, album, playlist, etc. Bluetooth connection occurs within 10 seconds after starting the car. Maybe it’s the GT’s upgraded system with Sirius has different programming, but it works fine and sounds pretty good too. 4. 2.0 L engine is constantly upshifting under load – like merging onto a highway. Could use a little more power or better gearing. When in a hurry, I just default to the manual mode – which works really well with only .1 MPG fuel economy sacrifice. 5. Finally, at highway speeds, stomping on the gas for a passing maneuver creates a thump in the tranny/rear diff that sounds like it shouldn’t be occurring – like the diff’s gears aren’t exactly sync’d for the momentary RPM boost. Hopefully Mazda will tweak this vehicle as it could be close to perfect with some minor refinements. 18″ wheels would provide a little more cushion than the 19’s on the GT. Wider tires would look and grip better, would fill out the wheelwells better as well.

  105. Our (UK Spec.) 2014 CX5 Sport gives you a full minute to close windows etc. after the engine is stopped.
    The more powerful diesel option gives very sprightly performance, 0-60mph in 9 secs if I remember correctly.
    The auto gearbox always seams to select the right gear and changes down quickly and smoothly with no odd sounds when the throttle is floured.
    19″ wheels give lots of grip, but there is a penalty in the slightly choppy ride.
    Overall a great vehicle though, capable of 50+ mpg.

  106. I have a 2014 GT with 40+k miles in the usually warm and dry American south. Although this spring had rain almost every day for several weeks. I did not experience interior frosting during the winter or waterlogging problems during heavy rain. The 2.5L gas engine averages 33MPG with a mix of city & highway driving. The ride is quiet and smooth except for 2 occasional rattles in the A-pillar and trunk. I have a different door ajar indicator than the one pictured. It is larger and identifies each door+trunk. The infotainment system is reliable but lacks modern features. Really all OEM head units are at least 5 years behind the state of the art. Even the Tesla model S is a little clunky in this regard. I use the radio and connect bluetooth to my phone for everything else.

    I will second some of the other problems. Unlit door controls. Unlit gearshift. 1 anemic trunk light. Tight quarters in the backseat. The rear folding seats in the CRV are way better. This was our first car with advanced keyless entry and after we learned how to use it, it’s pretty flawless. Sometimes I forget to hang around near one of the doors/trunk if I’m waiting for passengers to get out and the doors do not auto-lock or give a warning beep. The keyfob is rather expensive at $400 and I lost one of mine shortly after purchase. There doesn’t appear to be an aftermarket way to program them yet either, so I’ll have to bite the bullet with the manufacturer some time. The automatic wipers have a little trouble with mist, so you have to manually kick-start them like a peasant.

  107. The moisture is because you have a leak somewhere. Prob the screen. Get it checked with a water ingress check. Reseal it. Dry it out. Done. Used to happen in my Alfa.

    That level of ice is due to water coming in – prob in footwells.

  108. Visibility was no issue when I test drove the Mazda CX-5. It had perfect visibility, and I did not feel that the view out of the back window was obscured or constricted in any way. The rear window was plenty big to see just about everything going on back there, just as good as any other car.

  109. I have a 2014 Cx5. I also have a Kyocera Icon cell phone. The phone is new. However, the cx5 won’t recognize and pair unless I put the phone in either Airplane mode on then Airplane mode off or restart the phone, only then will it pair for the day. Once the cx5 is turned off overnight I have to repeat that procedure for it to pair. I took it to the dealer they said it’s the phone since the service manager’s Iphone hooked right up. For the last 5 months it has worked fine, now I have to go through this procedure to pair in the mornings. Any ideas? October 2015

  110. I own a 2014 CX 5 and Mazda6.
    Yes, the head unit is a pain on the neck, ipod or USb connection loading time is really bad and hearing the same song every time you connect the USB or the iphone makes it worst. However, there is something call Pandora and it works great.
    I don;t understand why people complaint about a lock for the glove compartment. If somebody breaks into your car, they are going to damage the glove compartment. Also, i don’t give right to strangers; therefore there is not need for a lock.
    Road noise is bad on both cars, yet i got Boss sound system and i don;t hear any air since my stereo is playing.
    Gas savings reflect how you drive. stepping hard on the gas pedal means more gas. so if you like to drive at 80 or + MPH then less gas savings.
    I only get 19mph in the mazda6, I drive on stick shift mode. Also, i drive 80 to 100 MPH in Highway.
    Rear view mirror. People have you ever drove a truck with a container attach or a utility van with steal doors. Use the side mirrors. Come one people.

    The car with all the technology and the price is cheap. Yes few things make it lesser than A++ but is not a but option..
    I forgot it is 30K with AWD.
    Last storm drove it over 8″ of snow with summer tires and guess what?
    It was perfect. Police cars were getting stuck while i was driving the CX 5.

  111. We have owned our CX5 for 20 months, 175bhp diesel, auto, 0-60 in 9 secs and feels quick! Just got back from a long journey with 70mph cruising and maybe 25% urban/city work. Averaged 49.3mpg. Regular short journys & urban give us mid 40s.

    The Boss sound system is excellent. After complaining to Mazda that it always went back to the same track (USB as source) they booked the car in for an upgrade to the system. It now works as you would wish it to. Loading time for a 16GB memory stick, near full, is only a minute or so, no problem. Make sure you have a high speed memory stick. We use Sandisk. USB3.

    Overall, very please with this vehicle.

  112. I have owned a CX5 since April ’14 (UK spec) The drive is great and I like the car but the connectivity is rubbish, I’ve had 3 phones during this time, a Blackberry, a Samsung and now an iPhone 6 and all of them had connectivity issues, the dealer tried to blame it on the firmware; what all 3 phones! When it does decide to connect I couldn’t receive text messages, I just got an error message, several return trips to the dealer failed to sort the problem so eventually Mazda agreed to exchange the Bluetooth module 2 weeks ago. This has improved the text message receiving but I am still unable to send a reply and it STILL won’t connect every time. I use the vehicle for work so this really is a problem for me. I understand they have changed the infotainment system on the ’16 models. I wonder why??

  113. I have almost the same success to share to you, Phil. 2013 CX-5 Sport, Manual 6-speed, petrol. MPG is great savings to me from So. California to Las Vegas as it says 35 mpg on highway its achieve 45+ on 70 mph. No diesel offering in America, I wish, its cheaper diesel here a dollar less. No engine problems so far, high performance, fun to drive, unique body language, loves front-end grille. I sometimes race Corvette in hilly mountain up to 90 mph with no rattle, its very stable. Replaced front logo with white reflector that flashes a strong light back to opposing traffic. Cut open plastic inside front logo makes my Mazda distinct one-of-a-kind CUVs makes wind roam through. Front grille and foglight screen plastic mesh painted silver to match body silver paint another unique ideas to look for in case a theft happens. A 1/8″ x 1″ white reflector strip applied at a bottom corner of four windows outside indicates windows up as seen upon waving of cellphone lights.

  114. I have a 2013 Mazda CX5. Love everything about the power train.
    So far they have replaced 3 door locks, and front shocks under warranty. Now it being out of warranty I don’t know how much I have to spend to keep the vehicle running. The other day I noticed the driver side lock making a “creeping” noise. I am wondering whether to sell the vehicle or keep it.
    (BTW according to Mazda Canada I am the “only one” with these problems!)

  115. Ours is coming up to 3 years old and we have had no fauults whatsoever. Mazda generally have a very good reputation for reliability. What about your use? Lots of rough tracks and high mileage?

  116. I have a cx5 2014 that I bought new used with just 27K miles. The Bluetooth has had lots of problems, inconsistent at allowing a new device to be paired, and now the Bluetooth tab is greyed out and can’t be used. The mazda dealer told me it needs to be replace completely and will cost over $600. I’m reluctant to replace a system that should have lasted more than two years since manufacture! Should an entire communications system on a newish car fail in the first two years? Has anyone replaced the system and seen improvements in the bugginess that others have discussed above?

  117. My CX5 in now coming up on 4 years soon. It has 47,000 on the dial. It has given very good service up to now. The fuel consumption is about 31 mpg at hyway speeds of 70 mph. That is when there is no head wind. I do get better than 25 mpg around town. That is without punching it all the time. I have the same problem as other owners with the USB port to the radio. It does not keep track of its position at shut down. I think that the fuel tank could be larger. This is a touring model so you would expect it to be able to get 400 miles out of a full tank. I really miss having a key to start my car with. We have already left it and returned to find it running. So it should have an automatic shut down when the key fob is away. Like all the other car companies, They will slowly increase the size of the CX5 to accommodate some of the shortcomings such as leg room in the rear seats, storage in the rear, maybe a few more storage pockets in the front seat and a lockable glove box. Most of all Fix The Radio.

  118. There is a software patch for the USB problem that came out in early 2015. Go to the dealer and ask them to install it. I too would like a bigger gas tank. 18 gallons at least. I hate stopping for gas. My old Mazda 6 had an 18 gallon tank and it got pretty good mpg. It’s range was nearly 500 miles. I miss that.

  119. Hi,

    I had a CX5 (diesel) in 2013/14 as a work car. I just found it to have so many annoying niggles, & I really felt it was just built to a price.

    The moisture inside the windscreen was really annoying! The fuel economy was an absolute joke! Much worse in real life than competitors cars that it supposedly was more efficient than.

    I changed to a Ford Kuga (turbo diesel) & have been really happy with it. A much nicer car to drive, plus has a tonne more features, especially safety: adaptive cruise control, lane guidance/steering, blind spot system, crash avoidance braking, alertness warning, etc. Much better economy too.

    Most people seem to love the Mazda though?!

  120. Have just purchased a 2014 Maxx Sport Diesel after wanting one for several years. The economy is first class (7.4 litres per 100klms (live in Australia)) as we live 360klms from Sydney & have to travel back regularly. The most annoying thing is the sound system not wanting to connect up the ipod. The forum here has been useful in understanding the foibles of the car. Will watch out for ice in the car as we get down to -4 cel. (not as cold as Wisconsin, lol

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