Pimp My CNC – Threaded Insert Upgrade

Edit: If youre making your own gcode, or drilling your own holes, DO NOT go by the 9mm hole diameter recommended on the packaging of the threaded inserts I used. They are too loose in MDF. Go with 5/16″ / 8mm.

I’m just going to throw on a ridiculous title because it looks like no one gets to my videos from my blog. This (last) week I did a quick painfully slow little mod to my Shapeoko 2 where I installed threaded inserts into the wasteboard of my CNC machine. Now I’m able to clamp down materials more serious than cardboard so I can do some proper machining.

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4 thoughts on “Pimp My CNC – Threaded Insert Upgrade

  1. Where did you get the inserts from again, I remember you said it in your YouTube video and I never heard of that place… and you did it all on inkscape and makercam very good but not to sure what you meant by mm to cm thats the kind for stuff that going to give me fits….LOL but once again some well spoken video info your putting out Thanks for everything Winston…..

  2. McMaster-Carr, it’s essentially the Costco’s of hardware and building materials. Great place to browse different materials with mostly reasonable prices.

    And the thing about units was mainly about how MakerCAM handles numbers. Basically, just keep the units-selector dropdown in the upper right of the window in inches and you won’t have a problem.

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