Workbench Power Supply Stack/Organizer (w/ Project Files)

Photo Mar 19, 12 30 12 PM

This project was a simple one-day build to help organize some of the pieces of CNC-related equipment I had laying around. The Shapeoko 3 comes with its own 24v(?) power supply, and my old DC spindle also included a power supply, in addition to a motor controller. These things were spread out across my CNC table, so I decided to do some vertical integration to save space.

What it should look like:
Power Tower

What you will need to do:
These SVG files assume you are using MDF stock of ~0.256″ thickness. Stock thicknesses of MDF tend to vary by shipment and could range anywhere from 0.24-0.26″. This may cause the tabs to not fit snugly, or not fit at all. You will need to expand, or shrink the tab-interfaces to match your material using Inkscape, or other vector drawing program.

SVG Files:
Base PanelLeg Panel














See this project in action:

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