Cali/Jersey “Home” Plaques (+Selling Policy)

In my attempts to start moving closer to what might be considered “woodworking” in the conventional sense, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make these personalized “Home” plaques. Using a very basic inlay and some simple finishing techniques, I was able to make what might be my nicest looking project to date.

Now, I’ve already gotten a couple inquiries to make these and in general, I don’t make things to sell. It takes away too much time to restart production on low-volume items. But if you can accept one of the following two conditions, I might be willing to make an exception:

1) Exchange of Comparable Effort– Making things takes time, but if you’re willing to return the favor (ex. I take payment in the form of baked goods, or prepared meals), I’m more than happy to oblige. Plus, it’s a good excuse to hang out. (Note: This option works best if we’re already friends)

2) $$$– Unfortunately, I’m at the point with my projects where the disruption to my schedule can’t be covered with [cost of materials + a few bucks]. The goal of me sharing my videos is to inspire you to go out and do these things yourself. (Ideas are free!) But failing that, I can instead charge [cost of materials + hourly rate * time]. I have no choice but to start operating like a “real” machine shop, otherwise I devalue my own time. What would make this cheaper for you is if I send you machined parts as a DIY kit, where you do your own finishing/assembly. This can be negotiated.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the finished result. I’ll be making at least one or two more of these plaques, so if you want in on that production run speak now or forever hold your peace.

Good luck, have fun, and keep making.


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