The Epic Fiat 500 California Roadtrip (2016 Edition)

Late last year, I had the chance to get a glimpse of West Coast life. Every trip out west previously had been quite narrow in scope. LA or SF to see family or friends. Maybe go to Disneyland. Visit Death Valley. Etc etc… I never really got to appreciate the community that is California. Spending time in San Francisco, San Jose, and then plunging straight into the deepest corners of Yosemite was an amazing experience that started the snowball rolling on my current obsession, which is to get the f*ck out of NJ. The sharp contrast between civilization and wilderness captured my heart. Some of you may have seen bits and pieces of my trip as I pieced together a fitting tribute to that week long roadtrip, but the montage was never really ready until now. I got custody of some extra footage so I could put 200% more me into the video, and not look like I’m stalking my friend…

TLDR: California is amazing, and I will find a way to make a living out there.

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