Machine-Leveled Supplementary Wasteboard for the Shapeoko

Your parts are only as accurate as the machine you make them on, and the table is an important part of the Shapeoko’s accuracy. A machine-leveled worksurface is essential for getting cuts of consistent depths, especially with thin materials. This is how I designed a supplementary wasteboard for my Shapeoko that I could affix work pieces to with absolute confidence.

3D Files*:
Supplementary Wasteboard for the Shapeoko 3 XL

Supplementary Wasteboard for the Shapeoko 3 (Stock)

*Note: These files are provided as-is with no support, or guarantee of success. User discretion is advised.

4 thoughts on “Machine-Leveled Supplementary Wasteboard for the Shapeoko

  1. Thanks for the great videos. I have a Shapeoko 3 s/n 1347 and have added the aluminum plate. I’ve added an MDF waste board with thru holes instead of your solution with inserts. (Yea, I do have a lot invested in M6 bolts).
    I’m planning on spending some time tuning my router (of course, by following your video instructions) but I first want to replace my waste board.
    I like the supplementary waste board you built but I don’t understand what holes you’re using to hold it down. My aluminum plate does not have holes in the locations where your hold down bolts are located.
    Did you modify the plate? Is there more than one version?

  2. So, I’m attaching via the M6 holes in the aluminum table. The holes with inserts in the MDF are instead spaced at 2″ intervals, sized for 1/4-20. If you measure the spacing in the F360 files, it should be a little clearer. The MDF hole pattern does not match up with the aluminum table’s.

  3. In the 2D operations menu, pick Facing, and then select the top surface of your piece. A lot of options involved, I’d sit through a couple NYC CNC videos.

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