… Me
In case you couldn’t guess, my name is Winston Moy. I’m a graduate of TCNJ(BSME, Physics Minor) and the University of Michigan (Aerospace MSE). Currently working full-time as a mechanical engineer/computer scientist. I’m a die-hard Maker, adventurer, and glutton.

… Things I want to do/be:

And this is why I do YouTube…

… This Site
“Winston’s Humble Site” is currently in its sixth iteration. It is an ongoing experiment in maintaining a personal web presence, which started from a simple hand-coded HTML page. After months of refinement, amateur (bad) graphic design, and integration with Blogger, I moved on to a more streamlined approach using everyone’s favorite CMS, WordPress. It took some coaxing to make it work on my then TCNJ-hosted website, but I learned a lot from the experience of setting up WordPress and a remote MySQL database. I would have relocated my site to webspace hosted by the University of Michigan (having graduated), but their web services are in the stone age compared to TCNJ’s support (surprising, yes?). They do not have PHP running on their personal webpage servers, which means I had to seek out an external host, provided graciously by my friend Andrew.