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A new web series dedicated to the deepest, darkest science-related frustrations and pet peeves I have with the world.

Why is it difficult to use robots in space? (Class Project)

Since it’s Friday and I don’t have a homework assignment due tomorrow, it’s time to blog. I thought I’d post up a project from my Intro to Robotics class, where my group and I summarized our studies on a nonholonomic robot model. Although the project itself was kinda neat, I treated this video as more of an educational editing experience… Basically, the goal of any educational video is to present information in a easily digestible fashion. Too often I’ve seen … Continue reading

iPads vs. Aircraft Avionics: An Intro to EMI – Cynical Science Epi. 3

I decided to contribute preposterous numbers and science to the debate about the FAA’s P.E.D. ban. Using an Apples to Apples comparison, I took a look at the effect of mobile devices on the crucial instrumentation in the cockpit. Enjoy your salad. Also, I made a PVC rig to allow my camera to hang vertically, with the image sensor perpendicular to the page. That way I could max out my aperture, eliminating flicker, while keeping everything in focus. It’s also … Continue reading

Zero-G Combat For Dummies (Part 1) – Cynical Science Epi. 2

The second episode (… webisode?) of Cynical Science is live! This week, I lay the foundations for how real space warfare should be conducted. To hell with Hollywood’s flashy but absurd physics and ship designs. We demand intelligent design… of WAR!

CynicalScience: My New YouTube Channel & Direction

Evening, Internet-folk. Just wanted to make some sort of official-ish announcement on what’s going on with my YouTube channel(s) and the thought process behind it. It should be no surprise to most of you that I’ve been running a fledgling YouTube channel that I dump a lot of my projects and video-game media into. I’m certainly not forsaking that channel, as I love the content I put into it, but I wanted to make a channel that’s a little more … Continue reading