No SLR, iPhone Only, Weekend Destination: DC – Camera Impressions

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Why “Praised by National Geographic Photographer” also means “Perfect for Instagram”… When I went to D.C. last weekend to visit my friend in the heart of Shutdown City, I decided early* on that I would be traveling light. Traveling light meant ditching my SLR and pocketing only my newly acquired iPhone 5S. Having owned it […]

How Consumer Electronics are *Actually* Manufactured (PSA for Engadget)

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But someone on the internet is WRONG! Most people have never walked the floor of an Asian consumer electronics factory but a recent Engadget article titled “Pegatron employee spies a pile of iPhone 5Cs, all warming up for September” is misleading and doesn’t correctly identify what is actually going on in the picture (above). What […]

Editorial: The Liberator – First 3D Printed Gun – Is Stupid From an Engineering Perspective

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The technology is here, and our politicians are trembling. But mature it is not. Cody Williams and the rest of the Defense Distributed gang have just recently unveiled the world’s first fully (94%) 3D-printed gun, and boy is it ugly. Although it is understandably just a token milestone in their long-term goal of achieving gun […]