The Infinite Wisdom of Our Leaders

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I’ve never professed to being politically aware, nor do i want to be too politically aware (that would just disgust me), but I can’t help but notice some of the seemingly blatant acts of idiocy that are happening in this state and country. Excuse me while I rant, and do tell me if and where […]

Smash Labs Smashed

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The new Discovery Channel show that was supposed to appeal to the same fan groups as Mythbusters has turned out to be a Smash… Failure. “Smash Labs” whose tag lines have been similar to “Can a bulletproof vest bombproof a building?” turns out to be on the intellectual level of high school pyros taking Physics […]

Latest Update

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My photo album has been successfully implemented and is now online for your viewing. If you have no life and have seen most of my Facebook albums before, then a lof of this stuff will probably be familiar. I suggest you go through it nonetheless as there are a few differences between Facebook’s albums and […]

A Year Of Higgins’ Fun Sites

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For those of you who know of Mr. Higgins, but were unfortunate enough to not receive his Random Information emails, or if you just want to look at some of them again, here are some of the highlights from 2006-2007. For those of you who DON’T know Mr. Higgins, I send my sympathy to your […]

Heads Up

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Welcome to my less than beautiful blog. As you can hopefully see, this is an extension of my Personal Website Project. I’m still trying to figure out how this all works, but I’m slowly picking it up… alas, I’m no web-page designer, nor do I have any formal training in the Digital Arts, but… After […]