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The Epic Fiat 500 California Roadtrip (2016 Edition)

Late last year, I had the chance to get a glimpse of West Coast life. Every trip out west previously had been quite narrow in scope. LA or SF to see family or friends. Maybe go to Disneyland. Visit Death Valley. Etc etc… I never really got to appreciate the community that is California. Spending time in San Francisco, San Jose, and then plunging straight into the deepest corners of Yosemite was an amazing experience that started the snowball rolling … Continue reading

What’s in my camera bag? (#NASASocial Edition)

A quick look into the camera gear I brought with me to document my experience at the Kennedy Space Center. El cheapo tripod, w/ release plate. Monopod, for video purposes only. Intended for #4. El mucho cheapo tripod, because it’s super compact. Used w/ D5100 and 8mm fisheye, because that combo is very forgiving with regards to vibration. Canon Vixia HF S100 (2009), this is an older model my uncle loaned me and I like it because it supports digital … Continue reading

DIY Smartphone Macro Lens from a DVD Drive

Based loosely on Easy Macro’s Kickstarter concept, I turned my old iPhone into a low-power microscope. I was taking apart an old DVD burner yesterday for a computer-related project when I was rudely interrupted by the urge to try something I had read about before: making a macro lens attachment out of the objective lens from a DVD drive’s optical pickup assembly. If that last sentence made no sense, read on. If it did make sense… read on as well.

Seene (iOS): It’s like Lytro and Kinect had a Threesome w/ Google Maps

And it’s way more fun than Instagram. Thanks to TechCrunch I have recently discovered discovered Seene, a free iOS app that uses 3D motion tracking to create pseudo-3D images of whatever you want. The basic premise of the app is that you sweep your phone around an object, and the program automagically creates a mesh of the scene.

No SLR, iPhone Only, Weekend Destination: DC – Camera Impressions

Why “Praised by National Geographic Photographer” also means “Perfect for Instagram”… When I went to D.C. last weekend to visit my friend in the heart of Shutdown City, I decided early* on that I would be traveling light. Traveling light meant ditching my SLR and pocketing only my newly acquired iPhone 5S. Having owned it for no longer than a week, I figured the trip would be a perfect test of Apple’s engineering to see if there was any substance … Continue reading

Cruise Timelapse: My Raw 4k Footage, pt. 1

I thought I would make available the timelapses I shot during my vacation in a purer form than my montage, i.e. at 4k and 1X playback. There are plenty of details you miss when you’re being bombarded by dozens of clips per minute, like smoke drifting over the Norwegian coast at sunset. And so that you can see how ugly everything is before I color-grade it. Not that my color-grading is very good because I don’t have the option to … Continue reading