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Porcelain Basin HDR – Story Behind the Shot

Device Model/Make: Pentax K20D Focal Length: 18mm F number: 5.6-8 Shutter: 1/750 – 1/90s ISO: 200 Taken: August 2010 Based on the unexpectedly large response to my uploaded picture, it was pretty much a no-brainer for me to put this in my ‘digital portfolio‘. Every picture (even if you’re a digital photog-spammer) has a story behind it, and I personally enjoy reading about them. I’m hoping some of you guys do too (otherwise this post would be pointless).

Alaska Revisit

Device Model/Make: Pentax *ist DL Focal Length: 65mm F number: 11 Shutter: 1/350 s ISO: 200 Taken: June 2008 Going through my photo archives, I discovered a bunch of pictures from my family’s Alaska trip that I never got around to posting. Haven’t done a ‘portfolio’ post in awhile so I figured I’d toss it up here. At the time this was taken (2008) I was a giant photo-noob using a camera I didn’t fully understand, I’m not even sure … Continue reading

Photographing Star Trails – How to shoot and stitch stars.

Two things to throw out there first: 1) I am an average amateur photographer at best (so don’t trust me… even though I’m an engineer). 2) It’s been far too long since my last post (due in no small part to school work). Here’s what I’ve been working on. For the months now (ever since the Perseids fiasco), I’ve been meaning to catch a proper meteor shower. The last time I tried, I was facing the wrong not-entirely-optimal direction and … Continue reading

Blue Angels Looking for Parking

First off, a clarification. I decided to rename the picture to be “Angels” plural, rather than “Angel” singular, because a Google image search revealed to my horror that the query “Blue Angel” produces results for a Hungarian pornographic actress amongst other things like trains and night clubs. (I was in the student lounge, luckily no one was at my back… i don’t think) But anyhow, that’s why the image will from hereon be titled for the entity of the “Blue … Continue reading

Train Photography: “Excuse me, passing through.”

Device Model/Make: Nikon D5100 Focal Length: 18mm F number: 8 Shutter: Bulb (varies from 5s to 20s) ISO: 100 Lightpainting is a fun fusion of photography and painting, where a camera’s shutter is locked open and portions of the image are selectively exposed. It’s a neat art to be sure, but it’s a little more scientific when the object doing the painting is a couple hundred tons in weight. This past Independence Day I was coming home from Hoboken via … Continue reading

Aphid Infestation

Device Model/Make: Nikon D5100 Focal Length: 18-55mm, Vivitar Macro Filter F number: 8 Shutter: ~1s ISO: 100 Postprocessing: Quicktime, iMovie I had the idea for a timelapse project (inspired by this) before I went to grad school that involved a flower blooming. It was raining the afternoon that I wanted to start, so I ran outside during a lull in the rain after dinner. I cut off a stem with several flower buds and stuck it in a bottle with … Continue reading